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PriceBaba is a location based search engine, helping the real world shoppers to search prices in their vicinity.

It is an intelligence engine, that redefines the way you shop!

Baba ke Ustaad

Annkur P Agarwal
Annkur Agarwal

Annkur cooks the secret sauce responsible for Baba's magic. Annkur has been a retailer for close to 10 years, seeing the high and low of both online and offline retail. He also founded OnlyGizmos Network in 2007, thus serving over 25 million gadget lovers with the latest in technology. He also leads HeadStart's Startup Saturday across 12 cities In India.

Tirthesh Ganatra
Tirthesh Ganatra

Tirthesh is the youngest member of Team Baba, but the smallest dynamite we have ever seen. He is often challenged with the task of converting whiteboard discussions into reality. A hands-on geek, while his Amdavadi blood isn't craving for some beer, TG dabbles between his roles as a code ninja and retailer support.

Rohan Naravane
Tirthesh Ganatra

Rohan oversees the content for PriceBaba. Before PriceBaba, he was part of Apple's retail team, an odd move for a guy who started his writing career at the age of 20. He's our friendly neighborhood geek who spends more on gadgets than, say clothing or other such basic necessities. He also jams with our awesome developers to help create a world-class user experience for PriceBaba.

Shivam Rastogi
Shivam Rastogi

Shivam is our youngest star developer at PriceBaba. A self-proclaimed Java lover (and we mean the programming language), he's a versatile lad who can hammer down lines of code in PHP and has even dabbled with making apps for Android. He's done his Bachelors in Computer Engineering and we love his quality of finding a solution to any problem we throw at him. Other than working 30 hours per day at PriceBaba, he somehow finds time to write his dev blog. Lastly, he loves trying out new gadgets and riding his bike.

Talk to Baba at:   baba@pricebaba.com

Baba Ke Khas Log

  • Mehul Ved
  • Aditya Mishra
  • Himanshu Chanda
  • Akash Mahajan
  • Ramya Pandyan

Mehul Ved

Known as the black magician in our team, Mehul leads the effort on the back-end and ensures that the system is ready to serve the best price to the eager eyes glued to a screen. Mehul has worked for NMEICT at IIT Bombay and also ensured that over 20 million+ visitors on OnlyGizmos network got a smooth experience.

Aditya Mishra

Aditya brings invaluable knowledge and experience to us. Many entrepreneurs have been fortunate to be mentored by him, we have been blessed to have his constant support right from the time we took our first step. Aditya has spent the last decade doing a variety of exciting ventures ranging from Tata Computational Research Laboratories to HeadStart Network Foundation and now he is Founder at SwitchMe.

Himanshu Chanda

A dear friend who has seen us right from the time we sold tea on Udyaan express to launching PriceBaba. Himanshu is our source of humor, pranks and much needed focus for a startup. A B.Com grad who has lead a team with IITians at a leading IT company, Himanshu quit his well established job and founded ProjectHeena.

Akash Mahajan

Akash is “That Web Application Security Guy”. A Certified Ethical Hacker with more than 9 years of experience in Application and Network. Akash is the community Manager at null-The Open Security Community and Chapter Lead at OWASP Bangalore while founding The AppSec Lab a company focussed on Application Security.

Ramya Pandyan

Ramya Pandyan is a business storyteller, with a digital doppelgänger called @ideasmithy. Both Ramya and IdeaSmith have been a part of Pricebaba's journey, starting with a conversation over lunch and the birth of Ustaad by teatime. Ramya advises Pricebaba on business processes, leadership and content strategy.

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