[Report] The Correlation Between Display Size and Battery Size


Nowadays, we have an App for everything we need. From ordering food to buying a second hand car, from learning a new language to being reminded to drink water. All this and not to forget our favourites — WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and lots more. Unknowingly, there are plenty of such apps that keep running in the background which eventually take a hit at the battery. Apart from apps, the other thing which harms the battery life are the bright and crisp high-res displays offered to us for a vivid experience.

It isn’t uncommon to see people around you charging their phones twice a day and carrying a power bank on the move. The only way manufacturers are able to compensate for this is by putting bigger batteries in their smartphones. For eg: Samsung fit a 17 percent bigger battery in the Galaxy S7, without a significant increase in the footprint when compared to the S6. Due to which the S7 sustains for 80 hours whereas the S6 lives up to 73 hours in GSMArena’s endurance test.

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Things to Look out for in Your Next Smartphone


Smartphones have a faster upgrade cycle than any other electronic gadget at the moment. By the time one gets used to the new smartphone they’ve just bought, there is another one launched with something new. While this change is inevitable there is that feeling of missing out on something new. The only way to not regret is to make a well-informed choice while picking your smartphone. We cannot predict stuff that will be introduced but hey, we can tell you the ones that will be mainstream soon. Read more →

We Investigate Brand Loyalty in India When it Comes to Smartphones


Brand loyalty has been a much written about topic. If you hold a shiny MBA degree you know one of the key aspects of a good brand building exercise is to ensure there is brand loyalty and retainability. Many surveys done in the International market clearly paint the picture that Apple is a brand that enjoys exceedingly high brand loyalty, which makes Apple an aspirational brand. Most would agree that it is down to the fact that Android has several OEMs which use the OS, and since every OEM out there goes about customising Android in their own way, it is extremely difficult to build loyalty among Android users. While Android users have been loyal to Android as an OS, they are likely to try an Android phone from a different manufacturer.

Add on the factors like in the US or even European countries, where these surveys are generally held, there is a strong culture of carrier locked phones forcing people to stick to their brands longer than they would like, the picture is not clear. So, in order to get our frames right and to study how things look in the open Indian market, we decided to ask the audience of Pricebaba about brand loyalty. How we went about this was that we asked the visitors on Pricebaba, which smartphone brand are they currently using and which brand were they using previously. Since about 80% of the audience at Pricebaba is Indian, this gave us a very good indication of what exactly does the map look like when it comes to brand loyalty in India. Read more →

You May Die Thanks to Your Smartphone

phone call

If a popular TV Ad by a Telecom Network brand is to go by, you are born with a smartphone in your hand. You obviously live with one and if you are not careful you are perhaps going to die with a smartphone in your hand too. Alarmed? No, we are not alluding to topics like radiations from the phones can be harmful or how you should not text while driving, each of them being covered in a lot of depth in the past. Obviously, they are two factors you must keep in mind when you use smartphones. However, beyond these two well-covered topics, there are still use cases where smartphones can be potentially very hazardous. And we thought it would only be right to warn you of them, cause hey, we love you and you are awesome. And we want you around.

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Things You Probably Did Not Know About iOS 10


iOS 10 head

Apple introduced iOS 10 at WWDC 2016 last month. They called it the “biggest update” to iOS since the first iPhone came out, but we get a feeling we’ve heard this “biggest update” bit too often by now. Unlike iOS 7 that three years ago changed the way iOS looked top-to-bottom, iOS 10 doesn’t depart too much from the visual theme, while making some interesting modifications to design and function. It is no doubt a major update, mainly for those who are on iPhone 6s or the 6s Plus. While devices as old as the iPhone 5 and upwards will receive the update with the redesigned Lockscreen, Control Center as well as Apple applications like Music and News, you only begin to notice big behavioural changes when you are on iPhone 6s, as the update seemingly focuses on 3D Touch heavily. So here are things that we feel may have escaped your eye or just generally our observations about iOS 10 beyond what Apple talked about at the event.

Disclaimer: We used iOS 10 for a good five days on the first Developer Preview version on our iPhone 6s Plus. There is a possibility that post the feedback, Apple will change some of the things we talk about. Also, we are refraining from complaining about any apparent bugs simply because, they are expected in the Developer Preview.

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When Adobe & Microsoft Came Calling For An Anti-Piracy Audit

piracy check india

Yes I am aware of the unsaid rule. Nobody talks about it. Push it under the carpet and thank god for no harm was done. Well, that seems to be the protocol for anyone who has gone through an anti-piracy check by leading software vendors. Except that, they end up harassing a lot of genuine users too. So here is something that I noticed as a trend and hence, sharing our experience in public. Hope it helps a lot of other folks in similar situation.

Recently we got a request each from Adobe and Microsoft for checking the compliance status of their softwares used by us. These emails are meant to get a declaration from us stating how many softwares from these companies are we using and subsequently allow their teams or appointed auditors to conduct an inspection at our premise. The email on behalf of Microsoft was from PwC. Folks emailing us for Adobe had weird email IDs without any name in it, the only thing resembling that the person is an Adobe employee was their signature. This rang a bell and made me suspect that these are outsourced sales agencies.

Surprisingly, the emails which we received from Adobe and Microsoft misspelled names of my colleagues and even the letter that PwC, received from Microsoft (addressed to us) had the same spelling error. It immediately struck me that these are poorly created sales attempts by junior folks who want to threaten people for selling few licenses. Yes, and of course it also reminds me of this. Also since it is hard to find our entity name in public records, Microsoft’s letter referred to us as “Price Baba” and email subjects misspelled our entity name. The representative said that they got the data from Microsoft, which I believe is a lie, they took it from public records. Probably by doing a Google search for funded startups.

I am told by an industry insider that these firms who work on behalf of Adobe/Microsoft get as much as 60% of the money (commission) they extract out of companies who end up buying licenses from them. Of course a lot of times the companies who are pushed for such a ‘voluntary audit’ have to buy a license because they are at a fault. But these firms acting as software vendors are known to force companies and oversell more licenses than they need, just because they plant a fear of dire consequences. Sadly for them, we are a software company that doesn’t pirate stuff. With most of our operations being on the cloud or Ubuntu, I could give it right back to them.

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‘Consumer sentiments were the basic inspiration behind the creation of LG G5’ – Amit Gujral on the LG5 and lots more in Pricebaba Talk


In the past three years or so LG has become a household name when it comes to Android device manufacturer. We have seen devices like LG G2, the Nexus 5 and the LG G5, each of which has brought something super unique to the Android ecosystem. In fact, one could argue that LG has probably been the manufacturer to push the envelope forward, as far as hardware innovations go. Be it the volume rockers at the back, modular smartphones or coming up with a Nexus phone that the average customer really loved, LG has done some really cool work.

Therefore, it was only obvious that we were super interested in speaking to somebody at LG who would give us a perspective of what is going on. And who better to speak about it than Mr Amit Gujral, the Head-Marketing, Mobile Communication Division at LG, the face, we all have seen on the stage at virtually all LG smartphone launch events here in India.  Read more →

‘Gionee Aims to Sell 40 million Units Globally This Year’- Arvind Vohra Reveals it in Pricebaba Talk


Gionee India is at the forefront of the Chinese revolution that seems to have captured them mobile market in India. Known for their glamorous launches and slick products with a lot of focus on offline retail, Gionee has become a household brand name and enjoyed a ton of success in states like Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh especially thanks to its diverse catalog. Recently, we saw Gionee sponsor the Kolkata Knight Riders at IPL 2016 and on the occasion of the same, we sat down with the Country Head & CEO, Gionee India, Mr Arvind Vohra and put him under the spotlight. Read more →

Today’s Mid-Range Phone, or Last Year’s High-End, Which one to buy?

Mid-range vs High End

Smartphones have gotten out of hand to be honest, we at Pricebaba add over a thousand mobile phones to our database every year. The sheer number of phones is also the reason we exist, to help our users pick the best phone for their needs at the right price. We are bombarded will all sorts of questions on which phone to buy at a certain price. You’ll find a couple dozen phones at every price slab, and it is occupied by newcomers as well as the old guard that has descended into this price slab from the heavens. So the question, should you buy a new mid-range smartphone or a flagship device from last year? Read more →

Why Does Pricebaba have Ads?

PB product page

Before you say it, we will put it out there, we know ads are annoying. We know it takes away the experience from our core product and if we had unlimited deep pockets we would never have anything that divides the attention of the user.

Sadly, we do not live in a perfect world. In an attempt to keep Pricebaba a free service for you and to survive in an extremely competitive environment, we have to serve ads which help us bring in a good part of our revenues. It adds up as a revenue stream alternative to our affiliate income and it is always good to not be dependent on one stream only. We hope someday that we get the magic pot and a genie which gives us all the cash in the world bank, but until that glorious time, we sadly have to feed our tummies ourselves. We have reinvested all the money that we have made back in the product for giving you a greater experience and several team members are working under massive pay cuts, just to realise their dream of making that perfect research engine for you. Therefore, all streams of revenue are extremely critical for us, going forward. Read more →