How To Get The Best Deal When Buying a Secondhand Phone


Smartphones are everywhere! You too must’ve dreamt to own an expensive, fast-performing smartphone. It may be because you’re a geek and settling with a mid-range device won’t satisfy the gadget lover within you. Or…maybe you’re just a value conscious buyer who wants a beast of a performer at a pocket-friendly cost. If you fall under the above mentioned categories, you would have considered buying a second hand phone.

The used phone market is a very tricky place, but if you’ve got your fundas right — you can find the best deal. If you’re lucky, you could find the phone of your dreams at half or even a third of its price. Let me help you understand all the things to keep in mind while making a second hand purchase.  Read more →

Are the Vodafone iPhone 6 Plans Worth It?


Vodafone recently launched plans for the iPhone where they sell you the much sought-after device starting at Rs. 3,599 per month (for 24 months) for the 16GB variant, bundled with rather lavish-sounding plans. So is it worth it or should you just buy the phone separately and stick to your current plan? Lets find out.

Here is what you get from their plan as per their official site:

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Project Offline: No Smartphone for a Month & Lived to Tell The Tale!

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Hey, what’s up guys? My name is Saif and I create videos for A few months ago, something magical happened — the most massive realization I’ve ever had since I got engulfed into mobile technology almost a decade ago. This is my experience of not being connected to the internet 24×7 and living without a smartphone! Read more →

The Biggest Smartphones We Saw At CES 2015

A lot of exciting gadgets get unveiled at CES and smartphones are one of them. This year we saw some expected while some unexpected launches. As always, the show had it’s fair share of surprises. Here’s a quick summary of all the big launches.


If last year’s LG G Flex with it’s bendable, curvy body wasn’t enough in the name of innovation, then this year’s successor will surprise you more. The successor – LG G Flex 2 claims to give out more of the organic feel and is ergonomically better under its curvy and shiny body. In comparison to the original G Flex, LG has made various improvements in its self-healing back cover. Read more →

Welcoming 2015 @ PriceBaba

PriceBaba <3 User

2014 has been an eventful year at PriceBaba. We served more than 10x the no. of users compared to 2013 and saw a high of 4.4 million users / month. Given what is cooking, we are confident of a great 2015 ahead of us. As we get started with 2015, we have set ambitious goals for our team and here we take this opportunity of putting it out in public!

Our goal for 2015 is simple. We are currently at an annual run-rate of serving ~INR 250cr worth of inquiries to retailers. We want to take this number to INR 6,000cr in 2015.

Not to say that this is the only thing we would do, we put the consumer first and build solutions that empowers him/her. So our goal is to align our user focus to reach a business traction of $1B.

There are several hits & misses we had in 2014. We launched new cities, went deeper into existing cities, grew our team to over 25 distributed across India and have successfully demonstrated how young leaders can be created within a tough startup atmosphere. However, we failed at achieving our expansion target of 20 cities, saw some embarrassing breakdowns and missed our last quarter revenue target.

Over the past 3 years, we have seen some turbulent times, the startup community has been a great support and fellow entrepreneurs are a blessing. We continued to receive great support from our angel investors & mentors. Thank you for sticking with us and pushing us to do better.

Wishing all of you a great 2015! Product announcements & news from PriceBaba soon :)

Postcards from Team PriceBaba (J Combinator) Read more →