Do You Ladoo?

It’s no secret that we have been campaigning for Android Ladoo for a while now. Back in June we saw Sundar Pichai acknowledging to Bloomberg’s Brad Stone that they have heard of the Ladoo campaign and haven’t decided on a name yet. But as we approach the D day for Google to reveal the name for of Android L, we think it may well be Ladoo. Yes, hopes.

Android 5.0 Ladoo

The video that Sundar Pichai tweeted is awesome. It builds excitement.

It teases Lemon Meringue Pie, Lava Cake and even Lady Finger (really?). And then there is Lemon Drop and for some reason even Oreo. There are conspiracy theories by my friends that points how the letters in all these names adds up to Ladoo.

Lemon Meringue Pie, Lava Cake and even Lady Finger (really?). And then there is Lemon Drop and for some reason even Oreo (or even the 5.0 that is seen before Oreo). And then towards the end of the video we see a man inside a giant ball (is that Ladoo?). And also a plate of Ladoo on the table on the last slide. And did that kid (Lemon Drop) mean ladoo when asked for Sweeter?

ladoo on table

ladoo man

Is it really happening? We don’t know. We can’t wait. But we are so EXCITED! Do support the campaign here:

The iPhone 6 Doesn’t Have a Design Flaw. It is a Design Flaw.

Every time Apple comes up with a new iPhone, we get to see the “legendary” industrial designer Jony Ive dictating us inside a white room how breathtakingly beautiful their new iPhone is, how much effort they put into making it amazing, awesome, “alu-mi-nium”, brilliant, sturdy, comfortable, and many other adjectives we are used to hearing by now in his soothing British accent. For all these years, I believed every single word. And year after year, Apple built beautifully designed iPhones one after another. But that opinion changed today after I used the all-new iPhone 6. Let me enlighten you why!



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What is your preferred mode of communication?


Gone are the days when you could give, “Your phone was unreachable.” or “I was out of coverage area.” as a reason for not being in contact with friends, family or business contacts. Even if you are out of your network zone, you almost always get messages left for you while you were out. To top it off, the smart phone apps tell your contacts when you came back into the zone. And this is only with reference to contact via phone. Add e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and what not to the ways you can be contacted and there is just no way you cannot be in touch. Of course, I am only talking about non face-to-face conversations.

Of course, it is not that we are trying to avoid contact, it is just that some times you want to be contacted when you want to be contacted; you want to reply when you want to reply. And at other times, you just want to be. Rightfully, so.  Read more →

To Yahoo India Engineers!

Dear Engineer,

I am sad to see that Yahoo is leaving so many talented engineers in India (from what I hear) in a bid to consolidate its development efforts. Like any other growing tech startup, my instincts reacted in the same way as it did for a lot of my friends on Twitter. Can we get some good engineers to join PriceBaba? So let me be honest and mention that upfront. We need good engineers, but more on that later.

I can hardly make any cool statements or try to insult your ex-employer to lure you. That would be very foolish. My first email id in school was Yahoo and I respect the people who made this company. You are problem solvers and I have seen that you’ll take on really tough problems. In whatever you choose to do next, I am sure you would be great. All the best!

I am a commerce graduate who sold mobile phones for a living a decade back and then moved to a media business. I started PriceBaba to help my friends shop better and I understand that the amount of tech that would go behind achieving our dream is something I am not the best to understand. Luckily my co-founder Tirthesh is good at his job. What we have at is a challenge to serve and grow our 3.5+ million monthly users. We love e-commerce as much as the unsexy job of educating small retailers and getting them online.

We aren’t a uber cool hacker camp with the promise to give you a fridge full of beer cans and free lunches. Nor can we call ourselves a tech capital or give you titles like ‘Ninja’ or ‘Hustler’. But you can count on us to take on a tough problem and give it a 500%. You are an engineer and that’s what we want you to be.

And if at all PriceBaba isn’t your destination, some of our awesome startup friends are posting their requirements. Do consider them! Joining a Startup isn’t the answer to world peace (yet), please do think twice about it, plan for it and if you do go ahead, don’t look back :)

Clerk-2-CEO, PriceBaba

Why I am Not Buying The iPhone 6


iphone 6:6+

So like every year this year too Apple launched what they like to brag as “the best iPhone” they ever made. Like last year, this year too, Apple launched two new iPhones; iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Even before they were launched, I had decided to skip this years iPhone and after the launch, my decision just got reaffirmed. Why? Read more →

The Tablet Won’t Kill The Computer. Unless it Becomes One.


Apple CEO Tim Cook once claimed that he does around 90% of his official and personal work on his iPad and says there’s no reason why others can’t do the same. There’s no denying that tablets, originally perceived as companion devices to computers, are becoming computer-like. Today’s fastest tablet could go toe-to-toe with a laptop from a few years ago. Same goes for gaming, where we’re actually seeing console-grade graphics in games from a device thinner than 10 millimeters. Even apps have matured to a level where people are doing serious work like image manipulation, video editing, computer aided design and other important things, instead of just flipping through their Twitter feed on a tablet. But there is one solid reason why many of us still need a computer as their primary computing device — Keyboard & Mouse InputRead more →

Moto G2 price leaks, import cost is at Rs. 10,640.

Image Source:

Image Source:

The Moto G was the first phone that managed to take the entire industry by storm. The aggressive pricing by Motorola ensured that the device sold like hot cakes. It also managed to be the highest selling and the most successful Motorola phone in the world. Most specs of the Moto G were amazing when it was launched — a Snapdragon 400 with 1GB of RAM was unheard of at that price point. It was termed as the “Budget Nexus” by many.

The Moto G was sold exclusively by Flipkart and it is apparent that Moto will use the same method of sale when launching the successor, the Moto G2. The Moto G2 has been rumoured to have a bigger 5 inch display and a camera upgrade to 8 megapixels — which hopefully fixes one of the biggest drawbacks of the original. A microSD card slot is also expected on the device, something that was missed on the predecessor. Read more →

[Graphic] How Smartphones Became Value For Money in 4 Years!

Motorola Then and Now

In the past few decades Technology has come a long way and has been one of the fastest growing sectors on the planet. Technology wasn’t affordable back then, with the first ever computer being sold at over USD 3000 (INR 1,82,000 today) and the first ever laptop costing around USD 1800 (INR 1,09,200 today). Thanks to the rapid growth and innovation in manufacturing techniques coupled with economies of scale, it has helped bring these prices down drastically. A laptop today costs as low as INR 16,500 and a mobile phone for INR 2,600.  Read more →

Protecting Your Privacy in The Apps You Use Most


In the olden days, you paid a fee for a product or a service. In today’s digital age, you get quality services like Google Maps or Facebook for free! But in return, you’re letting them know more about you — pivotal information that is used to serve you ads that are most relevant to you. Although these services are immensely helpful, they’re also walking the thin line with respect to privacy. Below are a few tips to try and safeguard your personal information. Having said that, the only way to maintain 100% anonymity online is to not do anything online (and we all know how difficult that is). Read more →

Five Things You Should Know About Xiaomi in India


Xiaomi, the mystical Chinese company, has been regularly popping up in the news since its launch in 2010 — and with good reason. They’ve successfully managed to grab attention of the pro-technologists by supplying quality products at unbelievable prices. They finally made their entry into India this week with a press conference held in Delhi, followed by a up-close-and-personal session with bloggers in Mumbai. Rajat Agrawal of BGR India asked all the right questions to Hugo Barra, the ex-Googler who joined as VP of Xiaomi last year. I too got a chance to probe Hugo and team Xiaomi with some burning questions, and here are some key takeaways that you need to know about Xiaomi and their products.  Read more →