A Study in Price Drops of Popular Smartphones

CoverSince the last 5 years, Samsung has remained on the top spot in India’s smartphone market. Their two of the most popular flagship series of phones, namely ‘Galaxy S’ and ‘Galaxy Note’ lineup has been pivotal in their rise. Both series of phones are popular globally with new successors launching once a year, just like Apple has been doing with the iPhone. Back in 2011, the Galaxy S series was  a worthy competitor against the iPhone. It was the easy choice if you needed a top-of-the-line Android smartphone.

Over the years, Samsung’s pricing for many flagships has been in line with how Apple prices their products. Each year, a new phone came at a launch price roughly Rs. 2,000 lesser than that of Apple’s new iPhone models. The Galaxy S2 came out in May 2011 for Rs. 32,500, while, in the same month, Apple had come out with the iPhone 4 Rs. 34,500. Jump to 2014, Samsung’s latest flagship — Galaxy S5 had gotten released in March for Rs. 52,000, while Apple’s flagship iPhone 5S had gotten released 4 months back for Rs. 53,500. A steady trend of pricing lesser than the latest iPhone can be observed here. Read more →

MWC 2015 – Top Phones to Set a Price Alert On

MWC 2015 - Top Phones to Set a Price Alert For

Every year after a major event like CES or MWC, there are waves of new phones that come in. They get better and meaner with every year passing by. The competition get stiffer – competition to release the next big thing. These new launches tend to shake the market value of the older phones. This trend has been going on since a very long time, and I can assure that its the right time to pick a phone up at the best price. Read more →

Best Ways To Enjoy The World Cup 2015 On Your Smartphone


India’s favourite sport runs in the DNA of every Indian. Even if some of us are not a fan of cricket, we’d enjoy our country playing for the world cup, or just playing an India vs Pakistan match. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 has officially started and the most entertainment you can get out of this game is by watching it with family or friends (or both) on a big TV and cheering for the country. But it may be the case when you’re stranded with work at office or don’t have access to a TV.

Unlike IPL, you cannot have the convenience of watching the World Cup on YouTube live. That is because Star Sports have the official broadcasting rights. You cannot live-stream the match on any website or application other than the official Star Sports application/website.

Here are some ways you can still catch-up with world cup on your smartphone: Read more →

Want a Phone With a Good Camera? Here’s What You Should Know..

You may be a casual smartphone photographer or professional photog on the run — everybody appreciates having a good camera in their phone. Smartphones are making headlines for being able to attain processing speeds as fast as full-fledged computers these days. They now sport 2K displays and are on the verge of replacing point and shoot cameras and even some entry level DSLRs. Smartphones have transformed photography drastically. “Smartphone photography” is now a trend and has lots of followers. They are the best way to be social and are so much more compact and hassle free. While the high-end camera range are still struggling with the idea of a “connected camera” with NFC/WiFi functionality, smartphones are already ahead of its game by having seamless connectivity built-in. A phone camera for most people is the only camera they own. Even pro photographers are starting to mainly use their iPhones for making short-films or photo series. Read more →

Popular Phones On PriceBaba.com That You Shouldn’t Buy

We at PriceBaba.com keep checking our analytics to know what our users are searching for. This gives us better knowledge of the popular devices and market trends. But what we also realised is that a lot of people are browsing for, what we infer to be, mediocre devices; devices that makes no sense to purchase as there are much better ones out there. Below are some phones from the most viewed handsets that are trending on PriceBaba.com and suitable alternatives that you could buy instead of them. We’ve compared key features of the model in question and its prime alternative, to give you enough reasons to go for the better option.  Read more →

A Guide to Choose From 70+ Samsung Phones Selling Today

Samsung Phones

Did you know Samsung has more than 70 phones selling in the Indian market? So, how do you decide which will be your next Samsung phone? Majority of us get confused while selecting which phone to purchase. But before you start shortlisting one, you should ask yourself a few simple questions like — what are you going to use the phone for? Do I need a very good camera as I use Instagram a lot? Will I be playing games or using more heavy apps? Read more →

How Satisfied Are You With Your Current Smartphone Brand?


Today there are numerous phones selling in the market and the number keeps on increasing everyday. PC and tablet sales are on a decline while the smartphone graph shows an ever increasing rise.

Nowadays phones have become affordable and the reason for this change can be credited to brands like Motorola, Xiaomi, Asus, etc. Motorola was almost bankrupt when Google acquired them but today they are a few quarters away from making profits. This is because they launched phones with great specs for reasonable prices. Their Moto G became the most sold phone ever and in some countries it even became one of the top selling phones. This was followed by launching the cheaper Moto E. Of course the phone didn’t have the best specs but had great value for money.

Some of the upcoming brands sell their devices through an online only model which helps them cut costs, for example, Motorola. Read more →

How To Get The Best Deal When Buying a Secondhand Phone


Smartphones are everywhere! You too must’ve dreamt to own an expensive, fast-performing smartphone. It may be because you’re a geek and settling with a mid-range device won’t satisfy the gadget lover within you. Or…maybe you’re just a value conscious buyer who wants a beast of a performer at a pocket-friendly cost. If you fall under the above mentioned categories, you would have considered buying a second hand phone.

The used phone market is a very tricky place, but if you’ve got your fundas right — you can find the best deal. If you’re lucky, you could find the phone of your dreams at half or even a third of its price. Let me help you understand all the things to keep in mind while making a second hand purchase.  Read more →