Is Streaming Music On 3G Affordable? Gaana vs. Saavn vs. Hungama


Most of us love listening to songs, and there are times when we hear our favorite song on loop or keep on humming it incessantly, even if it’s a song you’ve barely heard. Primarily because we heard it in the background or maybe because we just stumbled upon a situation similar to it. Like, Imagining a paan shop would make you hum ‘Khaike paan banaras wala’ or experiencing the rains and thinking of songs like ‘Rimzim Gire Sawan’ or Skylar Grey’s ‘It’s Raining Again’ is something very impulsive.  The songs may not be the same for everyone as different people will have different choices. After all, the songs you listen to reflect your personality.

In earlier days, the songs coming on radio were the only ones which trended and if you wanted to listen to some other song, there was nothing else to do but wait for it patiently by shuffling between channels. Some might have stored ‘MP3s’ of the particular songs they like. But, nowadays the scene has changed completely.

With everyone owning a smartphone with a 3G data plan, it gives them an easy access to Internet on their fingertips. One can simply download apps like Gaana, Saavn, Hungama, etc., search for their desired song and listen to it. But, will your existing data plan make these services affordable? Or will a subscription to these apps that allow downloads be cheaper than streaming it for free? Is it better to stream only on Wi-Fi or your 3G pack will suffice? We decided to find out answers to such questions by doing a research on how much data is consumed by each song.  Read more →

India Android Consumption Report 2014

A lot can change in a year. Especially, the Indian mobile space has changed a lot in 2014. New Android smartphones are launched every alternate day, more & more China-based brands have penetrated the market with affordable devices. It’s been a good year for both small and large companies; we witnessed the online-only sales model turning out to be a hit in our country. By and large, Android smartphones have enjoyed a majority market share.

Android Report 2014 Header (Medium)

Last year, we did a consumption report for Android by compiling data of close to 1.3 million downloads of apps by 10 popular brands. This year too we’re back with more insights on mobile and Android usage in India. Our report has been consolidated with over 33 million app downloads as gathered by some of India’s most famous app developers.

Here’s thanking all the apps who made this report possible:

Android Report 2014 Pg 4

Using data that we received from these apps, here are some key insights that we extrapolated.  Read more →

Best Apps That Teach You How to Cook


40 sacks of assorted spices and spice-herb mixes. How can the mouth not water at the spice section of a supermarket I was at, in Dubai? It is impossible to stand there and not buy. Soon and unsurprisingly enough, I found myself filling up bags and bags of middle-eastern spices rationalising it as — few for me, others for friends and family. I come home and I know not what to do with my share of zaatar, sumac and falafel spice mix!

Of course, soon after, I was scouring YouTube to help me out, like I did when I wanted to know the most efficient way to peel garlic or that time I needed help in selecting the perfect avocado. It was only a matter of time before I encountered apps related to cooking — each one a better box of magic than the earlier one.  Read more →

Android 5.0 Lollipop : First Look

Android Lollipop

Smartphones are slowly becoming a trend here in India. Though the adoption rate of smartphones is not that high it is still a big shift from feature phones. Android has more or less been the dominant player in the smartphone race holding almost 80% of the market*; something it has achieved in a span of 4 years. While all these years the focus point of the OS was functionality, it has clearly changed this year to design. The newest update to the operating system is called Lollipop and its the best thing to happen to Android in years.

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5 Tips For Raising Your Kids In The Internet World


It’s as much a matter of safety as it is of discipline; as much a matter of addiction as it is of education; as much a matter of being disconnected as it is of being too connected — parenting in this digital age that we live in.

Kids’ time on computers / video games / mobiles / TV — basically any “screen time” — is like letting your kids out on a playground. You keep it age appropriate. As toddlers they’ll not be out there without adults around, then as they grow older you will keep an eye at them from a distance, then you will begin leaving them by themselves for some games and/or for small amounts of time and so on. You keep it relatively safe. You encourage with restrictions. And so on. “Screen time” is pretty much the same, isn’t it?

The net is full of specifics that you can follow to keep your kids safe and disciplined. From where your kids’ computer should be located in the house to talking to your kids about spam, scams & strangers, to sign a screen time contract with your kids to teaching them net etiquette. On a closer look though, you will notice that broadly, it is common everyday parenting.

Here are 5 common parenting tips that can be applied to the digital world.  Read more →

Do You Ladoo?

It’s no secret that we have been campaigning for Android Ladoo for a while now. Back in June we saw Sundar Pichai acknowledging to Bloomberg’s Brad Stone that they have heard of the Ladoo campaign and haven’t decided on a name yet. But as we approach the D day for Google to reveal the name for of Android L, we think it may well be Ladoo. Yes, hopes.

Android 5.0 Ladoo

The video that Sundar Pichai tweeted is awesome. It builds excitement.

It teases Lemon Meringue Pie, Lava Cake and even Lady Finger (really?). And then there is Lemon Drop and for some reason even Oreo. There are conspiracy theories by my friends that points how the letters in all these names adds up to Ladoo.

Lemon Meringue Pie, Lava Cake and even Lady Finger (really?). And then there is Lemon Drop and for some reason even Oreo (or even the 5.0 that is seen before Oreo). And then towards the end of the video we see a man inside a giant ball (is that Ladoo?). And also a plate of Ladoo on the table on the last slide. And did that kid (Lemon Drop) mean ladoo when asked for Sweeter?

ladoo on table

ladoo man

Is it really happening? We don’t know. We can’t wait. But we are so EXCITED! Do support the campaign here:

The iPhone 6 Doesn’t Have a Design Flaw. It is a Design Flaw.

Every time Apple comes up with a new iPhone, we get to see the “legendary” industrial designer Jony Ive dictating us inside a white room how breathtakingly beautiful their new iPhone is, how much effort they put into making it amazing, awesome, “alu-mi-nium”, brilliant, sturdy, comfortable, and many other adjectives we are used to hearing by now in his soothing British accent. For all these years, I believed every single word. And year after year, Apple built beautifully designed iPhones one after another. But that opinion changed today after I used the all-new iPhone 6. Let me enlighten you why!



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What is your preferred mode of communication?


Gone are the days when you could give, “Your phone was unreachable.” or “I was out of coverage area.” as a reason for not being in contact with friends, family or business contacts. Even if you are out of your network zone, you almost always get messages left for you while you were out. To top it off, the smart phone apps tell your contacts when you came back into the zone. And this is only with reference to contact via phone. Add e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and what not to the ways you can be contacted and there is just no way you cannot be in touch. Of course, I am only talking about non face-to-face conversations.

Of course, it is not that we are trying to avoid contact, it is just that some times you want to be contacted when you want to be contacted; you want to reply when you want to reply. And at other times, you just want to be. Rightfully, so.  Read more →