Five Phones Worth Waiting For (Early 2014 Edition)

About to buy a smartphone? You should know that the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event took place just last month in Barcelona. It acts as a launchpad for phone makers to showcase their newest phones. Some manufacturers prefer launching their products around the MWC.

What we’re trying to say is, if you haven’t made up your mind, allow us to tempt you into waiting for these five phones that are on the brink of launching in India, that are worth waiting for:

1) The New HTC One — The HTC One was one of the most applauded phone of 2013. It is only unfortunate that Samsung’s marketing muscle and HTC’s shipping delays resulted in uninspiring sales figures. But HTC isn’t giving up easy; its pushing out the successor on March 25th, even taunting Samsung’s Galaxy S5 publicly on Twitter.


With a huge number of leaks ahead of its launch, it’s safe to say we know almost everything there is to know about The New HTC One. It retains the good things we loved about the predecessor; like the aluminium unibody and front-facing stereo speakers. The display’s a 5-inch 1080p panel, it’s got the latest Snapdragon 801 quad-core 2.3GHz chip with 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage and a microSD card slot too. Read more →

Bought a New Smartphone? Install These Apps Now!

A smartphone is worthy of being called ‘smart’ only when there are useful apps installed. Here is a list of a few apps that made my life easier and should enhance your smartphone experience.

Flipboard — Your news magazine (Android, iOS, & BB10)


Flipboard is an application which synchronises all news feed in a magazine format. By bringing world news and social feed in one place, it saves the hassles of the user from switching from one app to another. Flipboard can be connected to 12 social networks and it can be easily customized as per the need of the user. Flipboard allows the user to “flip” news like one would do in a magazine. News content which ranges from technology to lifestyle can be accessed and saved for offline reading. It includes a section of “Cover Stories” which serves as highlights. Moreover, you can create your personalised magazine which can be easily shared with everyone. Through this app one can even subscribe to international magazines. Read more →

Five Phones That Are in Need of a Price Cut

Today we look at five phones which we think, are in desperate need of a price cut. Phones that have made it to this list are priced unreasonably higher, when compared to other phones in its price range. We’re not saying they’re bad products; just that they could do with a few thousand rupees shaved off their MOP.

HTC Desire 700 (Launch Price: Rs. 33,050)


HTC Desire 700 Dual SIM, as the name suggests, is a dual SIM smartphone. It supports 2G and 3G data network. The Desire 700 has a 5-inch qHD (960 x 540 pixels) display, it’s powered by an unspecified Quad-core 1.2 GHz and 1GB RAM. One good thing about this phone is the dual frontal stereo speakers with a built-in amplifier, much like the HTC One mini. Read more →

Top 5 Phones That Are Now Priced About Right

2013 wasn’t really a good economic year with the rising dollar-to-rupee price but nonetheless, we witnessed a wide range of smartphones being launched. Right from budget phones to premium phones; consumers were bombarded with all. Few phones were pricey when pitted against the competition. Eventually their prices fell down and now here’s the list of the top 5 phones that deserve a mention, now that their prices have come to palatable levels.

1) HTC One Dual SIM (Now Rs. 42,500)


This smartphone has stylish design and stunning looks thanks to an aluminium body that give it a premium feel. The phone sports a 4.7-inch Full HD screen with a pixel density of 468PPI. The phone is powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 600 chip running at 1.7GHz. Although it may not be the latest Snapdragon 800, it is still fairly fast to run Android smoothly. Read more →

PriceBaba In 2013 – Acknowledging The Community

PriceBaba Intense

We have been blessed to have received great support from all sections of the startup & technology community in India. We sent an email to our friends thanking them for their support and updating about our progress with PriceBaba. Since a lot of our communication happens via startup communities, we consider ourselves responsible to send this update

Dear Friend, 

Thank you for being a support to PriceBaba. We have loved the support and encouragement that the Startup community has provided us over the past two years. As 2013 draws to a close, we wanted to reach out to you and acknowledge you for your contribution to PriceBaba. At the same time give you some updates on how we are doing. Read more →

Google Controlling LG Nexus 5 Price To Favor Online Sales?

Earlier this month the LG Nexus 5 went on sale In India and we were very excited to see a quick launch! However we were surprised to see that the Nexus 5 is priced higher at offline stores than Google’s own Play Store. While it is a well-known fact that Google prefers anything that is online, we are sad to see that offline vendors are deliberately being put on the backfoot by providing them products at a higher cost.

LG Nexus 5

Fact remains, In India most of Nexus 5 sales would come offline! Here is what a source had to tell us about this:

Well, I don’t think this is LG’s decision. Nexus is actually Google’s brand & phone & this decision has been made by them. LG has just contributed in the hardware and having the advantage of using the Nexus brand name :) Thus, I feel Google wants to control everything in the process. Their focus is on getting more customers online and NOT promoting offline sales. And ultimately, they can always use the excuse “we are able to sell it cheaper by not having any retail overheads”.
What is most shocking is that due to the crazy demand & scarcity, people don’t mind spending Rs 1000 more to get what they want. This completely belies all theory that the Indian customer is price conscious. Indian customer is willing to pay any price as long as he gets what he wants & when he wants it! Though it is sad to see consumers being made to pay this premium just because they love to shop offline.
One more factor is that, mobile retailers are used to pathetically low margins! To ensure there is no undercutting on margins & the price, both Google and LG decided not to give more margins on the Nexus. Thus if a retailer sells at Google’s online price, most likely he is either selling at his cost or at a loss.

Update: We just learnt that you don’t get the headset if you buy the Nexus 5 online!

Update 2: We were mistaken, both online and offline versions of Nexus 5 ship with the headset, original report stays true.