5 Killer Smartphone Deals During The Freedom Sale on Flipkart

The sale season is on, and it is highly unlikely that you have missed out on it. There are advertisements in papers, on the web and virtually everywhere that your eyes can see and therefore it becomes really difficult to keep a check and follow the things that you are looking to pick up. If you are in the market looking for a new phone, then the Freedom Sale on Flipkart is actually a good place for you to be at. And while we are sure you have set the relevant Price Drop alerts on Pricebaba, we thought it would be a good idea for you to look at some of the phones that have some really good discounts going on for them this sale season.

Nextbit Robin


The Nextbit Robin is the first Cloud storage based phone that was launched in India. It basically uploads the images, apps or any data files that you do not use for too long to your cloud account, so that there is always enough space on the local storage on your phone. Other than this proactive relationship with the cloud, the phone also packs some really good hardware features like Snapdragon 808, fingerprint scanner among others. The phone was launched at Rs 19,999 but during the sale has been discounted to just Rs 14,999. If that was also not enough for you, there is an additional 10% off if you have an HDFC card with you, which basically brings the cost of the phone down to just Rs 13,5000. For a powerful phone, that is unique and quite a looker, this is a killer deal.

Moto X Style

X Style

Until the Moto Z is launched here in India, the Moto X Syle remains the flagship Motorola product. In fact, very recently the phone also made it to the list of relevant flagship devices from last year that you should pick up now, and the same has now seen a price drop during the sale. The X Style 16GB variant is available for a really sweet price of Rs 20,999. There is also an exchange on the same as well as an additional 10% off on HDFC cards, which can get you the device, basically for a really really affordable price.

Xiaomi Mi5


The Xiaomi Mi5 is available for Rs 22,999. This makes the phone to be the most inexpensive flagship device launched by a top brand in 2016. With Snapdragon 820, a gorgeous body and fingerprint scanner, the Mi5 is truly a good value for money. The smartphone has an additional 10% discount, just like all the phones mentioned above on HDFC credit cards. You can also exchange your old phone if you have one lying around that you are not using, which would bring the cost further down. If this is not all, the discount is available, both on the black and the white variant of the device, so you can make your colour choice and enjoy a rather powerful phone at a very good cost.

Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus

Vibe K5 Plus

The Vibe K5 Plus is the phone to buy if you are not willing to spend more than about Rs 9,000 on a phone. It rules out your usual suspects like the Redmi Note 3 or the LeEco 1s among others. The Vibe K5 Plus at the price, is the only phone from a well-known brand to bring a Full HD display, which is sure to be an interest for many. The K5 Plus is available for a price of Rs 7,499, which is exactly Rs 1,000 lesser during the Freedom Sale on Flipkart. The K5 Plus also has additional 10% discount via HDFC bank cards as well as an exchange offer of up to Rs 6,500. So technically you can pick the phone for absolute peanuts. beyond the beauty and a glorious exterior the phone has Snapdragon 616 chipset, runs Android 5.1 and has LTE on board.

Samsung Galaxy J5-2016


The Samsung Galaxy J5 was one of the most popular phone of 2015. Samsung has followed that up with a 2016 variant of the J5 and the phone comes with interesting features like S-Bike mode as well as a more refined exterior. The phone is rocking a Snapdragon 410 SoC and has a Super AMOLED display. The J5-2016 is available with a discount of 9% at a price of Rs 11,990. If you are looking for a Samsung phone on the budget, the J5-2016 is as well as it is going to get for you. The rear camera is 13MP while you have 3100 mAh battery on the phone, which should easily get you by the day. Just like all the phones mentioned above, there is an additional 10% off for HDFC customers, as well as an exchange offer on the phone.

Which of the phones above, would you be interested in picking for yourself? Let us know in the section below or on Social Media.

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