About Us

Pricebaba Daily is your one-stop shop for the latest technology news in India. We are a team with a mix of young talent and industry veterans, having our eyes peeled for the latest gadgets. Our aim is to inform our valuable readers about the tech happenings around the world. We climb the hurdles of tech jargons and demystify the rocket science. We also go beyond news by doing product reviews, opinion posts, how-to’s and explainer articles. We deliver everything from the latest news to product reviews of new smartphones and apps.  We believe in talking from our experience without the need of clickbaity articles. While you are here, meet the team running the show.


The Team

Aditya ShenoyAditya Shenoy  (LinkedIn / Twitter)

Leading a content team at Pricebaba can be quite a handful. Aditya started off his tech writing journey 2 years back and there has been no looking back since. When not ogling at shiny things on four wheels, he likes to get his hands on the latest gadgets in the market. He searches for mobile leaks like a miser searches for money, trying to be the proverbial ‘first’ to break the news out.



Tanmay-PatangeTanmay Patange (LinkedIn / Twitter)

Associate Editor at Pricebaba, Tanmay is working in the tech writing and content industry since 2011. His experience ranges from writing all thing tech, and sometimes with a pinch of salt. He admires Silicon Valley and HBO Newsroom the most and has a dream of becoming the next Will McAvoy some day.


Narender CharanNarender Charan  (LinkedIn / Twitter)

Associate Editor at Pricebaba. After getting his feet wet in writing at Wittyfeed, Narender has finally dived into the world of tech and found his place at Pricebaba in Mayanagri. Nothing makes him more happy than watching movies and traveling. He’s often found drooling over gadgets or flaunting the ones he own. He’s a man of usools and strictly follows them, such as not putting a glass protector or back cover on the phone.



Contributing Editors


Annkur-AgarwalAnnkur Agarwal (LinkedIn / Twitter)

Annkur is the founder of and He has been an active member in the Indian Tech space for over 7 years now. He likes to talk all things mobile & startups and has a dream to make the world smile. You can also spot him giving advice in TVF Pitchers Web Series about “how to approach investors for funding.”




Arpit VermaArpit Verma (LinkedIn / Twitter)

When not admiring flying metallic birds and the science behind them, Arpit is seen scribbling with his keyboard, voicing an opinion or two about personal technology. An avid Manchester United fan, you’ll often find him glued to the television set. His mood is pretty much dependant on the outcome of the match. He is currently using a Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s Plus as his mobile devices.



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