For us, productivity isn’t about the number of hours you’re in office. We’re okay with you finishing your work on time and having a great time beyond work too!
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  • #SoftSwords
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We like to have fun at work! Don't be too surprised if you see us sword-fighting (not with real swords, of course) or if a typical birthday cake cutting ends up being a cake-smash fest.


Front End Engineer
Location: Mumbai    Openings: 1
Job Description 
  • A passion for UX
  • Solid understanding of frontend design and optimisation.
  • Experience of building consumer web applications using HTML5 and CSS.
  • Knowledge of JS and CSS Tools such as Sass and Less is added advantage.
  • The drive and willingness to learn. Autodidacts welcome.
  • Experience with PHP/Python is added advantage.
Bonus Points
  • Responsive Web Design.
  • Experience with Mobile Applications.
  • Exposure to Grunt (Node Modules).
  • Knowledge of cross browser quirks.
DevOps Engineer
Location: Mumbai    Openings: 1
Job Description 
  • Linux (debian-esque and CentOS-esque distributions)
  • SSH expert
  • Amazon Web Services (EC2 & EBS, S3, VPC, RDS, Route 53, Cloudfront)
  • Experience with robust shell or scripting tasks
  • Experience with web application servers
  • Understanding of SSL and the associated public-key infrastructure
Bonus Points
  • Ansible [or similar multi-machine orchestrated deployment tools]
  • Nagios [or similar centralised monitoring tools]
  • Worked With SOLR / Elastic Engines
  • Brownie Points for AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

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