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Price List of Apple iPhones in India | 2016

List of all Apple iPhones with their price in IndiaApple's products are known for their craftsmanship, their ease of use and brand value. While previously sold strictly at MRP, today it's easy to find an Apple iPhone or iPad at a discounted price in India selling on ecommerce & offline stores too. Apple iPhone offers great camera clarity, a wide range of quality apps via the App Store and amazing syncing abilities with other Apple products. Players big and small have taken inspirations from Apple in many of their products. Last Updated on 24th July 2016.

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Apple iPhones (Showing 1-29 of 29 products)

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About Apple iPhones:

There's a very good chance if you're landing on this page, you already know what Apple is. The Cupertino, US based company that had humble beginnings back in 1976 has become the world's most admired companies today. Started by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in a garage, Apple was known for pushing the boundaries in the personal computing space. It has been the topic of many movies like 'Pirates of the Silicon Valley' in 1999, and two 'Steve Jobs' movies following his death. They cover the rise and fall and the rise of Apple along the decades.

Although Apple fans will remember the company from the time they made the popular Macintosh computers, almost everybody will associate Apple with their iconic iPod music players. That is, till 2007, when that was displaced by a product that would change smartphones forever - iPhone. The iPhone took Apple's fortunes to another level by being one of the highest margin earning products, thanks to its simplicity & consistency, impressive camera performance and great app ecosystem. It has become a gold standard in smartphones that has led many other phone makers to model their phones after it. It has become the phone to beat for any manufacturer. Everybody from HTC to Sony to LG and of course Samsung have, many a times taken inspiration from Apple's products when creating their own.

Apple iPhones In India:

Unlike newer entrants like Xiaomi, Honor by Huawei or OnePlus that have become popular by selling exclusively online, Apple invests very heavily in their offline presence. Their marquee Apple Stores are awe-inspiring, attractive structures unlike any electronics store. Their biggest competition in the consumer tech space has been Samsung, with their wide variety of competitive offerings.

Apple has also been a big contributor to the uptake of digital music with their iTunes music store. With increased adoption of subscription-based streaming media services, Apple has responded in a big way with Apple Music. The streaming music service is competitively priced (very unlike Apple) and includes a Beats 1 worldwide Radio station as well as exclusive content from artists on the platform. There have always been rumours about what Apple plans to do next. It ranges to everything from televisions to cars. This price list will give you knowledge of all Apple iPhone & iPad models sold in India, whether it's via Flipkart, Amazon or a local store near you. You can also check prices of laptops by Apple in India.

All prices are in Indian rupees (INR).

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