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Price List of Budget Mobile Phones (Low Cost) in India | 2016

All Budget Mobile Phones (Low Cost) with prices in India. Last Updated on 26th July 2016. View all lists. India being a price-conscious market, budget phones have always been in great demand. The good news is that while previously phones available under Rs. 10,000 used to be sparsely-functional feature-phones or entry-level smartphones with a terrible user experience. But today, thanks to the aggressive competition between Chinese as well as Indian phone makers like Huawei or YU, reasonably good hardware has found its way to the Rs. 10,000 mark. Last updated on 26th July 2016.
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India as a market is a very unique place to be in. Given that the country is yet to shed its developing tag, every new commodity that needs to be launched here needs a very solid market research behind in order to predict whether it would be accepted by the masses or not. This is why, most of the brands do not apply their global 2+2 formulae and device strategies that are tailor made for the country in order to suit and cater to the kind of the audience that are there. One factor that plays an immensely important role in deciding whether a product will be a hit or a far miss in the Indian market is the price of the product.

This is just as true if not more for a smartphone too. Given the price sensitive nature of the market as well as rather low loyalty towards the brands, Indian market can be a tough nut to crack as several mobile manufacturers have already found out. Usually the audience in India has a pre-set budget within which they wish to purchase their phones, and very rarely do factors like specifications, design or even after sales will propel them to go out of that budget unless you are talking of very high price spectrum. Given a rather low-ish internet penetration and smartphone adaptation as compared to say, Europe or North America, low priced or budget phones become very critical in determining the overall position of a brand in the Indian market. Take the likes of Samsung or even Micromax for an example and Nokia previously, three brands which catered to the low cost segment very carefully and dedicatedly have gone on to have a resounding success in the Indian market.

This overall outlines how important the segment alone is. At Pricebaba, we understand the importance of these affordable handsets and therefore our price list of Low Cost Mobile Phones simply picks up and filters for you the devices that are below the Rs 10,000 mark. For some, these devices could form a useful backup to their primary phones, while for the others, they could be their gateway into the glorious world of smartphones. As more and more brands recognise the importance of the low priced devices in the Indian market, you will notice that this list would continue to grow and attract devices with feature list that may only have been possible in slightly higher end devices just a few days ago.

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