10 Benefits Of Using A Cyanogen OS Phone Over An Android Phone

On: October 11, 2016

Cyanogen OS is a derived version of Android OS, which is forked from Android Open Source Project (AOSP). It is a heavily optimized OS based on the official release of Android with added extra features and enhancements which are not present in the official firmware.

Currently, there are a handful of devices available in the market which run on Cyanogen OS out of the box. These devices include YU Yuphoria, YU Yureka, Lenovo ZUK Z1, Aquaris X5, WileyFox Spark and Alcatel POP Mirage.

So, here are the 10 benefits of using a phone with Cyanogen OS over any Android phone.

  • Native Theme Support


Cyanogen OS offers a dedicated theme store to choose and download themes according to your taste. In the Cyanogen Theme Store, you can choose specific components from a theme according to your needs. Don’t like a theme? Make your own theme. For example, you can pick icons and fonts from a theme, pick boot animation from another and customize a theme as per your preference.

Other Android phones are still far away from this feature whereas Cyanogen OS has had them for a while now.

  • Equalizer


Cyanogen OS 12 introduced a special equalizer app called – AudioFX. This is Cyanogen’s answer to the need for great audio tweaks and control. With its unmatched customization, 13 preset configurations and quality of music, you can fine tune your music the way you like it.

AudioFX is capable of 24-bit High Res Lossless Audio playback with bass boost and surround music options. Currently, there are not many equalizer apps which are as efficient as AudioFX.

  • Privacy Guard


With Cyanogen OS, your privacy is in safe hands and could never be compromised by apps which try to get access to your personal information. Privacy Guard acts as a middle man standing between the apps and your personal information, thus keeping your data safe. It lets you control permissions thereby allowing you to safeguard your personal information better. With Privacy Guard, you can even disable the data services to specific apps when you’re running low on data. It also provides pop-up notifications whenever an app requests for a certain type of permission.

  • Screencast


Taking screenshots from the mobile is an old story for Cyanogen fans. Its users can record the screen with its Screencast app. With Screencast, you can record a video of troubleshooting a feature on your phone and send it your technically challenged parents to help them with their smartphone. Although there are other screen recording apps available on Google Play Store, but most of them require the device to be rooted as a prerequisite.

  • LCD Density


It could be called as an extremely underrated feature of Cyanogen OS. With LCD Density, you could change the density measured in DPI of your phone screen according to its size.

Increasing the DPI of a screen will change the size of app icons and navigation buttons on your phone, which could be a great help to senior citizens who find a great difficulty in recognizing the small app icons on the screen.

It’s a built-in feature in Cyanogen OS, you don’t have to download a third-party app for that.

  • Advance Power Menu Options


What do you usually see on your Android phone when you press the power button? Well, the usual only, I guess. Let’s talk about Cyanogen OS power button menu.

Well, in Cyanogen OS, you can even customize the power menu according to your need.

You can even have the advanced reboot options provided in the power menu for rebooting into recovery, bootloader or performing a soft reboot.

  • Buttons And Layout


Cyanogen OS provides the specific buttons and layout feature in the settings. You could choose a left-handed mode, re-orient volume buttons when the screen rotates or even customize the navigation keys provided at the bottom of the screen.

  • Lockscreen Options


Everyone is familiar with the pattern lock, right? You might have used a pattern lock with 3*3 dots. But, have you ever seen a 4*4 or 5×5 or even 6×6 pattern lock?

Well, with Cyanogen OS, you could opt for a pattern lock with up to 6×6 dots. Quite amazing, isn’t it?

  • Advance Interface And Profiles


Cyanogen OS provides you the flexibility to customize your phone in a way you want. Cyanogen OS provides you the advanced interface, whether it’s changing the battery icon, or showing the battery percentage on the status bar, or controlling the brightness by just sliding across the status bar at the top, or even hiding the status bar altogether.

That’s not all, my friend; you could even save these settings for your profile and customize a different one for another profile.

  • Minimum Bloatware


Cyanogen is not just another UI tweaked on the top of the stock Android, bundled up with lots of bloatware to “help” you. Cyanogen OS comes up with minimum bloatware and provides you much better user experience (UX).

I’m sure after knowing about all these features that Cyanogen OS can deliver to its users, you’ll get an urge to buy a Cyanogen device.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get one and join the Cyanogen fan club.

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