5 Smartphones Under Rs 30,000 with Fingerprint Scanners on the Front

When the iPhone 5s was launched, it flagged off a trend of having fingerprint scanners on your phone for added security measure. Since then, practically every flagship device that has launched ahs come with a fingerprint scanner. What still remains a point of debate is whether the fingerprint scanner should be on the front or on the back. Both the arguments have their merits. With fingerprint scanner on the front, you can unlock the phone easily, no matter what you are doing, including if the phone is sitting with you on the desk. While having the fingerprint scanner at the back ensures that your index finger naturally is resting on the scanner and the phone is easy to unlock, though when the phone is on a flat surface, it needs a bit of working out.

If you are in the camp who likes the fingerprint scanner on the front and quickly just want to unlock the phone, even if it’s on the table, these are few phones under the price point of Rs 30,000 that you must consider.

OnePlus 3


The OnePlus 3 marks the comeback of OnePlus who kind of had lost its sheen after the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X failed to live up to the huge expectations of the OnePlus One. The OnePlus 3 with its gorgeous metallic body, and neat design is a phone that would appeal to a very large set of the audience. Throw in a dash charger that promises to charge your phone up to 63% in half an hour and all the latest specifications like Snapdragon 820, 6GB RAM and a Full HD display, and you are looking at what perhaps is the best mid-budget phone in the market today.The OnePus 3 has its fingerprint scanner on the front, which promises to unlock the phone in .2 seconds even when the screen is asleep. That is crazy fast!

Xiaomi Mi5


It looks like Xiaomi is still figuring out where it eventually wants to have its fingerprint scanners. Devices like the Mi Max and the Redmi Note 3 have it on the back, but the flagship phone, the Mi5 has it on the front. The Mi5 is available in black, white and golden colours and is one of the finest looking handsets in the class. The device has its fingerprint scanner on the home button on the front of the phone and runs the flagship processor from Qualcomm in the form of Snapdragon 820. If you do not like stock Android experience and are willing to trade the same for a more customised and sometimes more colourful UI, you will really like the Mi5.

Moto G4 Plus

G4 Plus

Motorola/ Lenovo announced the Moto G4 and the G4 Plus as the successors to the Motorola Moto G 3rd generation. While the G4 was announced without a fingerprint scanner, the G4 Plus, made up with one on the front and a superior rear camera. If you are looking at a phone in the budget price range, the G4 Plus will prove to be a winner. You are looking at really good specifications, that include a Full HD display, Turbo Charging for a fast charging experience as well as a stock Android experience. Since the phone is powered by Snapdragon 617, the device is no slouch either and would make for an excellent backup phone too, especially if you just want to try out Android.

Oppo F1s


The Oppo F1s is the successor to the Oppo F1 and brings the moniker of ‘Selfie Expert’ with it thanks to its 16MP front facing camera. The device has a gorgeous design with Gorilla Glass 4 on the top with 2.5D curved design. The phone comes with a 720P display and has 3GB of RAM. The fingerprint scanner on the front is capable of unlocking the phone in .22 seconds and as an added feature, you would be able to assign an app to each fingerprint, which would be launched when you unlock using the particular finger on the phone. The F1s has a ton of selfie-related features like Panorama Selfie, Filters and Beauty Mode, so if you are looking at a phone to take a ton of selfies, the F1s is a good pick.

Lenovo Zuk Z1


The Zuk Z1 is the first Lenovo smartphone to run CyanogenMod. The device also has a Full HD screen which i powered by Snapdragon 801. With a 13MP rear camera and 5MP front facing camera and a robust body, the Zuk Z1 is one of the most complete smartphones you will see at the price point. The phone has its fingerprint scanner on the front in the Home button and is actually one of the fastest in its class. The Z1 also comes with USB Type-C so the phone is absolutely future proof. Pick the Z1 if you want a device with a good battery and overall performance.

Which of the devices that we have listed is your favorite that matches the criteria of having a front facing fingerprint scanner and still not costing a bomb? Share your opinions with us on Social Media or in the form of comments below.

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