50% Of Total iPhones To Be Made In India By 2027: Report


  • Apple is reported to move 50% of its iPhone production to India
  • iPhone 15 series will start production in India along with China simultaneously
  • Chinese suppliers already have adverse effects

Apple is reportedly moving 50% of its iPhone production to India soon. In September, a JP Morgan report claimed that Apple is looking to make 25% of its iPhone production in India. This new South China Morning Post report claims that the iPhone production share will increase to 50% in India by 2027.

India currently accounts for 5% of total iPhone production. The production of iPhone 14 models started in India weeks after it was started in China. Rumours suggest that the production of iPhone 15 series will start in India and China simaltaneously.

Apple used to manufacture outdated iPhone models in India. But lately, Apple has started to manufacture the latest iPhones in India.

iphone 15


Apple has reportedly decreased the iPhone component orders from its Chinese suppliers, which is also said to have had adverse effects on the stock prices of the suppliers.

Bloomberg research shows that just 2.27% of Apple’s supplier facilities are located in India, with US and China leading the pack. But it is changing very soon.

India and Vietnam are also getting a push in manufacturing from Apple. Last month, Foxconn decided to relocate some of its iPad and MacBook production from China to Vietnam.

China is facing more and more scrutiny from the west. The zero-tolerance policy towards the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the production of iPhones. It all has led to Apple thinking elsewhere to move its production.

Tata’s iPhone connection

In related news, it was reported that Tata would start manufacturing iPhones for Apple in India, as the company is in talks to acquire Wistron, the current Apple manufacturer in India. Once the deal goes through, Apple will have a homegrown supplier for iPhones. Foxconn and Wistron will also co-exist with Tata.