6 Unique Features Only Google Pixel Phones Can Offer

On: October 6, 2016

In an event held in San Francisco, Google finally unveiled the much-awaited Pixel phones. The Pixel and Pixel XL are first ever “Made By Google” phones with identical specs but in different sizes, 5-inch and 5.5-inch. Apart from the hardware and software integration to provide the best Google experience, here are few unique features which are exclusive to Pixel devices only.

Google Assistant


All new Pixel phones have the Google Assistant built in right from the core. Even the Google Keynote was more about the Google Assistant rather than Pixel phones. The AI-powered Google Assistant is an integral part of Pixel phones and it learns automatically from your conversations. With Google Assistant, you don’t need to run a Google search for anything , it will automatically follow your conversations and get you help from the web. Using the search giant’s vast knowledge, Google Assistant is capable of finding nearby events and search through the 70 billion facts known to Google. The preview edition of Google Assistant is already available in Allo (chat app from Google), but Pixel phones will be first devices to be integrated with Google Assistant.

On Pixel phones, Assistant can be accessed directly by long pressing home button. According to Google, there’s no other AI technology as advanced as the Assistant.

Free Unlimited Cloud Storage


Google is offering free unlimited storage for photos and videos at full resolution in its Photos app. Hence, with Pixel phone you will have unlimited cloud storage for life, which you can access anywhere, anytime. Google is also offering Smart Storage feature which will automatically remove old backed up photos/videos when the device storage is near full. With this unlimited cloud storage, you don’t have to worry about the “Storage is full” notification on your Pixel phone. This feature could be a USP of Pixel phones because no other device in the market offers the unlimited cloud storage yet.

Phone/Chat Support, Screen Share Functionality


Google is also providing 24/7 customer support for Pixel owners. On this portal users can directly chat or talk with experts to resolve their queries. It also comes with screen share functionality so that the expert can assist you even better. So, you’ve got your own virtual service center on your phone which is open 24/7.  I don’t see any other company offering this service in near future.

Seamless Automatic Updates


With all new ‘Made By Google’ Pixel phone which runs on Android 7.1 Nougat, you don’t have to worry about downloading and installing updates. This tedious function is now obsolete for Pixel owners. In these  phones, updates will be downloaded and installed in the background and next time when you restart your device, your update is already good to go.

An Adapter For Transferring Old Phone’s Data


Well, if you want to throw away your current phone and move to the Pixel, Google has ensured nothing stops you. If you’re planning to buy a Pixel phone then you would obviously want all your data on your new handset. Google has made this feature so simple. With Pixel phone, you get a dedicated adapter for transferring your old phone’s data to Pixel phone. This USB-C dedicated adapter can be connected to an Android or an iPhone to quickly transfer all your data such as contacts, iMessages, photos, videos, music, and more to your new phone easily.

Daydream VR Support


These phones are the first ones to be compatible with Google’s own Virtual Reality Platform – Daydream. It is a virtual reality headset paired with a controller and offers an intuitive interface. With Daydream, you can watch YouTube videos, access various locations in 360 degrees though Street Maps, watch interactive documentaries, play games using the controller and lot more. Google Pixel is the first phone to be Daydream ready from the start.

Apart from these, Google Pixel will get many other features like Pixel Launcher, wallpaper picker, new setup look, and dynamic calendar date icons. All these features will remain exclusive for Pixel phones along with EIS 2.0 (Electronic Image Stabilization) which is Google’s alternative to OIS(Optical Image Stabilization).

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