65-Inch ‘Rollable’ Television by LG Showcased at CES 2018

LG, the South Korea based OEM has showcase a massive 65-inch rollable television at the consumer electronic show (CES) 2018. That’s right! A TV that can be folded when not required. The company showcased this home appliance at a press conference held today. Every year companies push the technology behind their products to the very edge and LG has done just that with this offering.

The brand hasn’t disclosed the mechanism that goes behind the rolling of the display, however it is known that the TV will deploy an OLED panel. With this technology, most companies have been able to produce very high resolution displays and this product should be no different.

LG is not new to experiment with flexible displays. Recalling the LG G Flex which came out in 2013 also had a slightly bent display on the edges. This TV, however, takes bendable displays to an all new level. This TV will also be the first television from the company to have a rollable display.

As per the images, it can be seen that the display of the television will be fit into a solid frame structure. When in use, the display will roll out and show content. When switched off, the display will retract back into the body. This will prove highly useful for both transportation and setting up of the TV in small spaces.

Alongside this TV, LG also showcased an 88-inch 8K OLED television which will now compete with the 85-inch QLED 8K TV from Samsung. Currently, the foldable television from the South Korean is still in its prototype stage and it might take a while for it to go mainstream. What are your thoughts?