A Few Months Before The Launch… What We Feel, What We Are Doing

As written in Sept 2011

We are some distance from the launch and our vision to empower shoppers with real world data is only getting stronger. Just last week we had the first wire-frame of the homepage going out and many friends around the blog-sphere gave us good reviews on the same. We are getting to work, building a team and hammering our processes to get the best insights from the offline market.

At Price Baba we want to facilitate price search from an Indian context and what better than a proper offline search. There is a hint of fear when we take on a task of giving price insights that would hold true for the length and breath of India and stories of failed startups in this space is only testing our courage.

Questions are raised daily within our minds, sometimes it is open amongst us, other times it is just a silent feeling within us. But the thin line between fear and courage is what the journey is all about. We are out there, working hard to deliver real value, today as you read this, perhaps we are out in open. For now, we wait with a feeling, eagerly awaiting the launch……





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