200+ Aesthetic Instagram Captions and Quotes for Selfies, Posts and More

Instagram is a very popular platform for influencers and people who follow fashion, sports, photography or anything else really. From sharing pictures of themselves, sceneries, memes, quotes and everything else, thousands of posts daily are shared on the platform. Which is why you need a good caption for your photos. A nice photo needs an aesthetic caption. What is an aesthetic caption? It is one that is short and sweet and can grab attention for your post. Having the correct caption is highly important if you want your photo to gain traction on Instagram. So what are some aesthetic captions/quotes for Instagram? Read our article and find out. 

Savage Short Aesthetic Quotes

  1. Savage queen. 
  2. Savage king. 
  3. Here to rule
  4. Born to rule
  5. Born to rule not to follow. 
  6. Born to lead.
  7. Born leader. 
  8. Savage ruler. 
  9. Better than yesterday.
  10. Better than you. 
  11. Moving ahead. 
  12. Leaving the haters behind. 
  13. The more haters I get it means I am doing something right. 
  14. Savage time. 
  15. Attitude queen.
  16. Attitude king. 
  17. Attitude prince
  18. Attitude princess. 
  19. Savage prince
  20. Savage princess. 

Aesthetic Captions for Girls
200 Aesthetic Captions for Instagram [2022 Aesthetic Caption Ideas] — Wise, Healthy 'n' Wealthy

  1. I was born beautiful, make-up ruined me. 
  2. I am a queen. I rule 24×7. 
  3. Queen ruling 24×7. 
  4. Princess charming.
  5. Miss attitude. 
  6. Miss congeniality. 
  7. I don’t have an attitude problem, I have a personality you can’t handle. 
  8. Beauty queen. 
  9. Beautiful queen. 
  10. Apology accepted, trust denied.
  11. You won’t get the same me twice. 
  12. Once bitten twice shy. 
  13. Wearing my attitude on my sleeve. 
  14. Gorgeous girl. 
  15. Beautiful girl. 
  16. Stunning girl. 
  17. Stunning queen.
  18. Stunning princess.
  19. Born stunner. 
  20. Hey there, good looking. 

Aesthetic Captions for Boys

Captions for Boys to attract girls on Instagram 2021

  1. Prince charming. 
  2. King here. 
  3. Time for the king. 
  4. It’s my life, my style. 
  5. Aesthetic king. 
  6. Aesthetic prince. 
  7. Mr Aesthetics. 
  8. Treat me like a game and I will show you how it’s played. 
  9. Pathetic but aesthetic. 
  10. Aesthetics matter. 
  11. Hot dude with a cool attitude. 
  12. Attitude king 
  13. Royal and loyal. 
  14. Royal attitude, loyal personality. 
  15. Promise me no promises. 
  16. Rule breaker. 
  17. Mr heart breaker. 
  18. Somewhere between crazy and random is a place called home.
  19. Great things lie outside your comfort zone. 
  20. I call the world my playground. 

Aesthetic Instagram Captions for Selfies

Best Mirror Selfie Captions| Mirror Selfie Captions|Caption Selfies For Instagram Aesthetic captions - YouTube

  1. Selfie time. 
  2. Selfie king.
  3. Selfie queen. 
  4. Let me take a selfie. 
  5. Royal selfie. 
  6. A couple of good looking people. 
  7. Time for a selfie. 
  8. My selfie is the best. 
  9. Selfie time is the best time. 
  10. Selfie time is my favourite time. 
  11. Aesthetic selfie. 
  12. Good things take time. 
  13. Better things are on their way. 
  14. Good things are on their way. 
  15. You are blessed. 
  16. I am the best, not the rest. 
  17. Be the best version of you. 
  18. Improving, everyday. 
  19. A lot like me and a lot less of them. 
  20. Do whatever feeds your soul. 

 Aesthetic Captions for Instagram for Festive and Happy Occasions

  1. Merry Christmas
  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 
  3. We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 
  4. Have a great holiday season. 
  5. Happy anniversary, you two. 
  6. Here’s to crossing another milestone. Happy anniversary. 
  7. Marriages are made on earth. Happy anniversary. 
  8. Wish you a merry festive season. 
  9. Happy Diwali. 
  10. Happy Diwali from mine to yours. 
  11. Merry Christmas from mine to yours. 
  12. Be happy, be merry and enjoy the moment
  13. Happy anniversary, on this joyous occasion, I wish you all the luck in the world. 
  14. May lady luck shine on you this Christmas. 
  15. Have a very Happy New Year. 
  16. Happy new year from mine to yours. 
  17. Have a great start to the year. 
  18. Here’s hoping your Christmas goes off splendidly. 
  19. Here’s hoping you celebrate a good Christmas. 
  20. Time to celebrate – it’s Christmas. 

Best Aesthetic Quotes About Love

  1. Love is truly blind. 
  2. Love is blind, marriage is an eye-opener. 
  3. Drunk in love. 
  4. Madly in love.
  5. Love is forever. 
  6. My heart burns for you. 
  7. I burn with desire for you. 
  8. I desire you. 
  9. I love you. 
  10. We’re the epitome of love. 
  11. We’re the symbol of everlasting love. 
  12. Everlasting love forever. 
  13. Love today, love tomorrow, love forever. 
  14. Waiting for my love. 
  15. This is my first love. 
  16. My one and only. 
  17. My beloved, I love you. 
  18. I love you, my sweetheart. 
  19. Love is magic. 
  20. Love makes the world go around. 

Cute Aesthetic Captions for Instagram

  1. Your arms is my favourite place. 
  2. Next to you is where I always want to be. 
  3. I never want to leave your side. 
  4. I always want to be by your side. 
  5. You are the reason for my smile. 
  6. Thank you for giving me a reason to exist. 
  7. Falling in love is one of the most beautiful things in the world. 
  8. Love makes my world go around. 
  9. Loving you completes me. 
  10. You’re so cute. 
  11. Cutie alert. 
  12. I want someone to accidentally enter my life and stay forever.
  13. You are my comfort in the chaos
  14. You are the bread to my butter. 
  15. Blooming together with you. 
  16. Let’s grow old together. 
  17. I want to be together forever. 
  18. Together is where I want to be . 
  19. I can never get bored of you. 
  20. You are the reason for me to live. 

Aesthetic Short Quotes for Instagram

Aesthetic Quotes for Instagram Captions | QuotesLines

  1. Lost angel. 
  2. Fallen angel. 
  3. Better days ahead. 
  4. Good times are coming. 
  5. Breathtaking
  6. Vibing and thriving. 
  7. Dare to be different. 
  8. Blooming. 
  9. Daydreaming. 
  10. Sunny vibes
  11. Dreaming about you. 
  12. Winter vibes.
  13. Winter sun. 
  14. Golden days. 
  15. Wanderlust.
  16. Keep it simple. 
  17. Insane
  18. What a world.
  19. Let the world surprise you. 
  20. Let life surprise you. 

Short Aesthetic Captions for Instagram Bio
Aesthetic ONE WORD captions & bios for Instagram 🌻| Meaningful Instagram Captions - YouTube

  1. Work of art. 
  2. Smile, dream, shine. 
  3. I am an introvert. 
  4. Introvert alert.
  5. I hate people.
  6. Prefer dogs to people. 
  7. Dogs > People. 
  8. King here. 
  9. Queen here. 
  10. Princess here. 
  11. Prince here. 
  12. Prince charming. 
  13. King of my castle. 
  14. Queen of my castle. 
  15. Emperor of my realm. 
  16. Master of all I survey.  
  17. Biker boy. 
  18. KTM lover.
  19. Bike lover. 
  20. Nature lover.