After Samsung, Oppo and Vivo, is Google working on a foldable phone?


  • Google seems to be planning to join the foldable bandwagon
  • The patent images of its upcoming foldable smartphone were leaked online
  • The purported Google Fold will have thicker bezels compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 4

It seems that Foldable displays are the way forward for smartphones as almost every smartphone manufacturer is trying the new technology. While Samsung was the pioneer in the foldables, over time, other companies like OPPO , Xiaomi and Vivo have also joined the bandwagon. Now, it seems that Google is gearing up to partake in the foldable space.

Several speculations have flown around Google’s anticipated foldable phone, ranging from shelving the project to assertions regarding its size. However, recently leaked patent images seem to confirm the existence of such a device and its unique camera placement.

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google fold patent images

Google’s foldable device will apparently have a similar form factor as the Galaxy Z Fold 4, according to illustrations included in the patent, which was submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in June 2021. The photos depict a device with a similar hinge mechanism that opens up like a book to expose a tablet-style internal display.

google fold patent images

What stands out in these patent images is the device’s display. Compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 4, the alleged Google Fold seems to have fairly thick bezels. Furthermore, it appears that Google intends to incorporate a selfie camera in the top bezel of the smartphone, unlike Samsung’s under-display approach.

However, we haven’t seen any official indication from Google about its foldable project yet. So take all the information regarding Google’s foldable device with a pinch of salt.