AI-Powered Google Clip Camera Now Up For Grabs

On: January 29, 2018

Alongside the Pixel 2 and Google Home devices that were launched in October 2017, the search giant also introduced the Goole Clips camera. These cameras make use of Google’s expertise in machine learning to capture images you would have missed out on. Until now, these tiny cameras weren’t available for sale. Today, Google has officially made them available for purchase on its online ‘Google Store’ The camera bears a price tag of $249 (~Rs.15,800). It isn’t currently available in India but we can expect it to come over soon enough.

Speaking about the cameras themselves, Google has integrated these devices with artificial intelligence(AI). This makes these standalone cameras very smart. A Google clip is capable of capturing photos that you would have missed out on if you were using a smartphone camera. The camera, as its name suggests, can be mounted on various objects like a jacket pocket, a wall hanging or even a bicycle handlebar.

Speaking of its specifications, the Google Clip features a 130-degree wide angle lens which is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to endure rough use. It packs in 16GB of internal memory to store captured images and videos. Google also provides unlimited storage on Photos when images are uploaded using this camera. The camera uploads photos and videos to the cloud wirelessly through its inbuilt WiFi support.

The camera can capture images in JPEG, GIF, and Motion Photos (JPEG with embedded MP4) formats. It captures videos in MP4. The images and videos captured by this camera do not include audio. As far as its battery life is concerned, a Google Clip can last up to 3 hours of smart capture on a single charge. This doesn’t mean that you would have to charge the camera every three hours since the device only captures images selectively. The camera can last well over a heavy day of image capturing to a couple of days with less intense capturing.

The camera doesn’t require to be connected to the internet. Simply pair it with your smartphone and mount it where you wish. The camera will keep capturing images that it feels are worth watching and create an album that you can view and admire later.

Are you one of those photo enthusiasts who misses out on great opportunities just because you couldn’t start up your camera in time. This just may be your solution! Stay tuned as we bring more news about its launch in India.