Airtel 5G Plus users can now claim unlimited 5G data: Here’s how


  • Airtel 5G Plus recently kicked off services after being in testing for months
  • The service promises high-speed connectivity paired with affordable pricing
  • Airtel customers can claim their free benefits from the company’s multi-purpose app, Airtel Thanks

Airtel 5G Plus is already live in several cities of the country, with the telecom operator promising to have the service available across India by December this year. It has now come to light that Airtel is offering its consumers unlimited 5G data, provided they are on a prepaid plan valued at Rs 239 or higher.

The revelation was first made by Ishan Agarwal, who points out that Jio customers have enjoyed this benefit for a while. All Airtel customers can unlock this benefit through the Airtel Thanks app. Users on an unsupported phone will be greeted with an error message while trying to claim unlimited 5G data.

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What is Airtel 5G Plus?

It’s Airtel’s dedicated 5G network for India, operating on 900 MHz (n8), 1800 MHz (n3), 2100 MHz (n1), 3300 MHz (n78), and 26 GHz (n258) frequencies. To hype up the arrival of Airtel 5G Plus, the company even set up 5G experience zones across several parts of India, giving users a first-hand experience of blazing-fast speeds.

Speeds will differ on a number of factors, such as your location from the nearest tower, obstructions on the path, and many others. But it’s safe to say that Airtel 5G Plus is a considerable upgrade from 4G LTE.

Source: Airtel