Airtel 5G Plus Speed Test in Delhi: Check results here


  • Airtel 5G Plus is now live in select cities 
  • We ran a speed test on our Samsung smartphone
  • The maximum speed we got was 160mbps 


Airtel 5G services have now been launched in India. The company is calling it an Airtel 5G Plus, which is already available in select cities. However, at present, 5G is in its initial phase and is being rolled out gradually. We were able to test the Airtel 5G Plus, and the first thing we did was run a speed test. 

So let’s talk about the Airtel 5G speed test in detail.  

Airtel 5G Plus Speed Test 

It was anticipated that 5G would provide speeds more than 1Gbps. However, we tested the speed of Airtel 5G Plus on, and the speed was recorded at around 160 Mbps. 

We were expecting more, so to cross-check, we went to the Google Play store, downloaded the ‘Fast Speed Test’ app, and reran the speed test. But unfortunately, the result was the same. For the speed test, we used Samsung’s latest – Galaxy Flip 4. Here’s the video:

Airtel 5G Plus Plans 

At the moment, Airtel has not revealed any information about its 5G Plus plans, and users can enjoy the 5G services on their 4G plans. Some may think it’s a great deal as we don’t have to pay extra for 5G services. But the flip side is that 5G will churn out your 1 or 2GB data in seconds. 

Note: Do keep in mind that to enjoy the 5G services, users will not have to change their SIM cards. As the existing SIMs are already 5G-capable. However, users must change their network settings to move from 4G to 5G. 

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