Airtel Digital TV plan change: how to remove and add Airtel DTH packages

How to change Airtel DTH Plan is a question almost every Airtel Digital TV DTH service user must have asked at least once during their usage. Airtel offers several curated packs that include channels from various categories and languages, and not all packs on offer contain all channels. In case you are wondering how to change the Airtel DTH plan, you’re in the right place.

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Airtel allows its Digital TV DTH service users to change their plan using the website, My Airtel app, and by calling the customer care. All three methods are pretty straight forward and anyone can change their Airtel DTH plan in a few simple steps. Let’s take a look at how you can do so.

What are Airtel Digital TV packages?

Airtel Digital TV offers convenient methods to change channel packs

Airtel Digital TV offers convenient methods to change channel packs

Airtel offers several curated packs that include channels from various categories and languages. These curated packs are called Airtel Digital TV packages. Airtel Digital TV offers over 500 channels across various genres and regional languages, which are further aggregated in Airtel Digital TV packages.

However, there are chances that some packages may not have all channels that a consumer wants. Airtel allows users to add individual channels to Airtel Digital TV packages and curate their own channel pack. Read on ahead to know how you can change your Airtel DTH plan.

Airtel DTH Plan: how to change channel packs

As mentioned before, Airtel Digital TV DTH users can change their channel plan through the official website, My Airtel app, and customer care. While customer care is always available, changing the Airtel DTH plan through the website and app are pretty simple too. Let’s take a look at all these methods and steps involved.

  1. Website
  2. My Airtel app
  3. Toll-free number

Change Airtel DTH plan through website

The official Airtel website offers a straight forward method to switch the existing Airtel DTH plan. Below are the steps to follow.

  1. Visit the official Airtel site
  2. Click on the Login and log in using your service ID or registered mobile number
  3. Click on the Digital TV section from the left sidebar
  4. Scroll down to the Manage TV Channels option and click on it
  5. You’ll see your existing channel package, tap on the Edit Current Plan button
  6. Scroll through the channel packs across genres, recommended packs, and all the available channel packages
  7. Once you have picked the desired channel pack, click on the Select this plan
  8. Check the details of the plans, names of the channels included, and price
  9. Click on the Go To Summary button
  10. Click on Confirm and Charge

Change Airtel DTH plan through My Airtel app

  1. Open the My Airtel app on your smartphone
  2. Scroll from right to left to check your DTH connection details
  3. Click on the My Account option
  4. Scroll down to the Manage TV Channels option
  5. You’ll see your current pack, click on ‘Edit current plan’
  6. Scroll through the different packages available
  7. Click on the ‘Select’ button below the desired package
  8. Review the price of your selected package and total number of channels
  9. Tap on the ‘Go To Summary’ button to check the summary of your selection
  10. Now click on the Confirm and Charge button to apply your selection

Change Airtel DTH plan through toll-free number

In order to get assistance from Airtel customer care, users can call the toll free number 1800-103-6065 from any mobile or 12150 from an Airtel mobile.

Airtel DTH Recharge Packs FAQs

What is Network Capacity Fee (NCF)?

The Network Capacity Fee (NCF) is a monthly fixed charge for the provisioning of the TV Channels. Airtel charges an NCF of Rs 130 (excluding taxes) for subscribers of up to 200 SD channels. The amount goes up to Rs 160 (excluding taxes) for the channel count over and above the initial 200 SD channels.

Can I create my own Airtel DTH Plan?

Yes, you can make your own Airtel DTH plan by selecting preferred channels from the Ala-Carte category. The minimum number of channels os 25 and Airtel by default selects 25 free Doordarshan channels for users.

Does Airtel Digital TV offer 3 months, 6 months and 12 months DTH packages?

Yes, Airtel Digital TV offers monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and annual packs to its users.

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