Airtel launches 5G services in eight cities, rollout begins today


  • Airtel’s 5G connectivity is rolling out in eight cities from today
  • However, the cellular network will not be available at all places
  • The telecom major is expected to complete its rollout in most major cities by March 2023

At the launch of 5G connectivity in India today, Airtel announced that its 5G services will be rolled out in eight cities starting from today. This puts the Sunil Bharati Mittal-owned telco ahead of its competitor Reliance Jio which will begin rolling out 5G in four cities starting Diwali. 

At the ongoing IMC 2022, Mittal stated that “We had started 4G in India, but Mukesh’s (Jio) gave tremendous speed to countrywide 4G proliferation and forced us to run fast to catch up and today Airtel will become the first telco to launch 5G services in eight cities.” 

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Airtel begins rollout of 5G in India

Airtel has raced ahead of Jio in rolling out 5G services in India starting today. The company’s CEO Sunil Mittal did not explicitly reveal the complete list of eight cities getting the fifth-generation cellular network. But he did confirm the four metros including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Varanasi. While the 5G services will be available in eight cities starting today, users may not see Airtel 5G signal on their phones immediately. It’s unlikely that the cellular network will be available across every place in the eight cities.  Additionally, the smartphone must be 5G compatible. Delhi’s International Airport is already 5G-ready and travellers may see Airtel’s 5G signal from today.

Mittal also added that Airtel would deploy 5G services in most major cities by March 2023. And it will expand to the entire nation by March 2024. He said, “Airtel teams are working very hard to roll out 5G services speedily across India.” Meanwhile, Reliance Jio aims to offer 5G in every part of India by December 2023. 

At the mega auction last month, Airtel brought 5G airwaves worth Rs 43,084 crores. It is also working with Nokia and Ericson to deploy 5G services in India. 

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