Airtel APN settings: how to get APN (access point) via SMS and install the settings on your mobile

Airtel APN settings are important if you plan to use 4G or a data plan on your smartphone. These settings are sent by default through SMS when you insert your SIM for the first time in your phone. However, if you didn’t save the Airtel APN settings or didn’t set it as the default setting, you may face issues using data on your device.

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Thankfully, Airtel offers simple methods to get APN settings on your phone again, so that you can continue using your data plan. You can either get those settings through SMS or set it up manually on your smartphone through settings. In case you are unable to use internet on your phone, read on ahead to find out how to set up Airtel 4G APN settings.

How to get Airtel APN settings on your mobile via SMS

Airtel customers can get APN settings easily in simple steps

Airtel customers can get APN settings easily in simple steps

As mentioned before, you get APN settings as soon as you first enter the Airtel 4G SIM in your phone. However, in case you missed it or deleted it without saving it, you can request them again. Follow the steps below to get Airtel 4G internet APN settings on your phone.

  1. Open Messages on your phone
  2. Type MO
  3. Send to 54321
  4. You’ll receive an SMS with Internet settings, tap on it
  5. Click on ‘Ok’ to apply settings

How to manually add/ update Airtel APN settings on Android mobile

You can also manually add or update Airtel 4G internet APN settings on your smartphone. In case you have an Android device, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Settings on your phone
  2. Navigate to Mobile Networks
  3. Look for Access Point Names and click on it
  4. Tap on the three dots icon on top and select New APN
  5. Next, enter Airtel Internet in the Name field
  6. Type in the APN field in all lower case
  7. In the Proxy field, enter
  8. Type 8080 in Port section
  9. In MMS port enter 80
  10. Select IPv4/IPv6 in APN Protocol
  11. Click on Save and exit
  12. Restart your phone to apply settings

How to manually add/ update Airtel APN settings on iOS mobile

In case you are an iPhone user, you can follow the steps below to update APN in your phone.

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone
  2. Go to Cellular/Mobile Data
  3. Next tap on Cellular Data Options/Mobile Data Options
  4. Select Cellular Network/Mobile Data Network
  5. Perform step 5 to 12 from the above process to update APN
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