Alcatel Replaces Existing System Apps with Annoying Ones Through Latest Security Update

Alcatel, the brand that is owned by TCL which also manufactures Nokia smartphones has recently started rolling out a security update for its smartphones. As a user of their Idol 4 smartphone, you may be excited to see the update pop up on your phone, but HOLD ON!

The update has more than what meets the eye. What isn’t mentioned in the update’s release notes is that together with the security patch, the brand is replacing its existing system apps with annoying ones.

This was revealed through a Reddit thread on which a frustrated user mentioned:

Users that have auto-updates turned on (which is the default for these apps) are finding themselves with entirely new ad-supported applications that are being installed without their explicit consent.

This was quickly followed up with other Redditors who also claimed that it wasn’t just the Idol 4 that was a prey of this issue, but it extended to the Idol 3 as well. The replacement apps include the Gallery, Launcher, Sound Recorder, Weather, and File Manager. The new replacement apps are infused with ads that make them not just annoying but even intrusive.

When the brand was contacted regarding this update, they simply shrugged it off by stating that they did include new applications within the security update. If they weren’t interested in the update, users should ignore the update altogether. This, however, isn’t acceptable as the update comes with a security patch which is vital for users’ smartphones. We hope Alcatel releases a separate version of the update without the replacement applications.

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