Amazon Airwick Quiz answers today: win Rs 5,000 (20 winners)

Amazon Airwick Quiz is joining the Colgate Smile Quiz and Amazon Himalaya Quiz as the second new quiz for the day. With this new quiz, Amazon is testing your knowledge about the new Airwick Esscente product which is also available in the form of a gift box. The quiz is being held from October 3rd to October 17th and it is directly listed on the Funzone section of the app, making it easy to discover.

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The Airwick Quiz on Amazon Funzone section joins other quizzes such as Amazon Great Indian Festival Quiz, Amazon Great Indian Festival Funzone Jackpot Quiz and Amazon Great Indian Festival Spin and Win Quiz. Click here to check all the quizzes being run by Amazon India and the winners of this quiz will be selected by a random draw of lots.

Amazon Airwick Quiz answers

  • Answer 1: All of these
  • Answer 2: 2600
  • Answer 3: 120 days
  • Answer 4: Lotus
  • Answer 5: Both of these

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Amazon Airwick Quiz questions and answers

Question 1: The Airwick Esscente makes for the ideal gift for which of these occasions?

Answer: All of these

Question 2: The Airwick Esscente contains how many fragrant sprays per refill?

Answer: 2600

Question 3: 1 Airwick Esscente gift box, which contains 2 refill sprays fills up the room for how many days?

Answer: 120 days

Question 4: The violet coloured Airwick Esscente gift box with Lavender scent brings the essence of Lavender and ______ . Fill in the blanks

Answer: Lotus

Question 5: The blue coloured Airwick Esscente gift box with Vanilla scent has a playful and fun fragrance combining which of these with subtle vanilla?

Answer: Both of these

How to find the Amazon Airwick Quiz?

The Airwick Quiz on Amazon Funzone is a direct quiz, meaning you can easily find it on the platform. In order to find this quiz, open your Amazon app and search for Funzone. Click on the first result and scroll down to this section named “Latest Games This Week”. Now, scroll through the banner images to find Amazon Airwick Quiz. Click on the banner or play now button or click here to directly go to the quiz page.

Amazon Airwick Quiz: answer and win Rs 5,000

Amazon Airwick Quiz is the second new quiz joining the likes of Himalaya Quiz that aims to promote the new Airwick Esscente gift box. The quiz is running for a relatively short period and according to the contest page, it started on October 3rd, 2021. The quiz will conclude on October 17th, 2021 and the names of the winners will be announced on October 18th, 2021 and the winners will receive their reward on or before October 30th, 2021.

In order to participate, you must be a legal resident of India and must be 18 years or older. If declared winner, the participant must provide a valid proof of identity. The list of eligible documents include Voter ID, PAN card, Driving License or Indian Passport. This quiz is subject to force majeure circumstances. If you are an Amazon employee or a direct family member or an affiliate then you are not eligible for the lucky draw.

Amazon Airwick Quiz: how to play?

  • Download the Amazon mobile app from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Open the app and sign in using your existing account or create a new account.
  • Search for Funzone and click on the first result.
  • Scroll down to the “Latest games this week” section.
  • Click on the banner for Airwick Quiz.
  • Answer all the questions correctly to enter the pool for the lucky draw.
  • The last screen will confirm that you have entered the lucky draw.

Amazon Airwick Quiz: terms and conditions

  1. The lucky draw for the quiz will be carried out at the end of the contest period.
  2. The winners will be informed on email or SMS to claim their prize.
  3. The winners must have their mobile number verified with to claim the prize.
  4. All the information shared in connection with the contest will be treated as per Amazon’s privacy notice.
  5. Your participation is considered as consent to use your image or likeness for promotion.
  6. Amazon says it reserves the right to change the terms and conditions.
  7. The company can also cancel the contest at any time.

Amazon Airwick Quiz: winners list

Amazon Airwick Quiz is being held from October 3rd, 2021 to October 17th, 2021. A total of 20 participants will be selected as winners and their names will be announced on October 18th, 2021. Click here to check names of the winners and the prize will be credited to all the selected winners by October 30th, 2021.

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