Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today (August 18th, 2022), Win Rs 500: Time, Results, Winners

Amazon Daily Quiz has become one of the most popular online quizzes right now. The quiz is believed to have started in 2017 and is held by Amazon Sellers Services Private Limited. The Quiz, however, has gained a lot of traction among Indian audiences in recent years. Amazon Quiz involves five questions, and those entering the contest must answer all of them correctly to become eligible for the prize.

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The questions in the Amazon Quiz basically test the contestant’s general and current affairs knowledge. There are a total of five questions, and each question comes with four options. The contestant needs to select the right answer from those options. All contestants selecting the right answers become eligible for the lucky draw. You will be disqualified if you select the wrong answer for a question. There are other similar quizzes on Amazon where contestants need to select the right answers to win.

Amazon daily quiz answers today (August 18th, 2022), win Rs 500

  • Answer 1: Prabath Jayasuriya
  • Answer 2: Dwayne Johnson
  • Answer 3: Vedanta
  • Answer 4: Down’s Syndrome
  • Answer 5: Fins

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Table of Contents

Amazon Daily Quiz today: questions and answers for (August 18th, 2022)

Question 1: Who among these Sri Lankan bowlers has taken 21 wickets in his first 2 Test matches?

Answer: Prabath Jayasuriya

Question 2: In the movie ‘DC League of Super- Pets’ , who gives the voice for Krypto- Superman’s dog?

Answer: Dwayne Johnson

Question 3: The closure of which company’s copper smelter plant at Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, has resulted in an INR 14,749 crore loss to the economy?

Answer: Vedanta

Question 4: The boy in the center of this picture is affected by which genetic disorder?

Answer: Down’s Syndrome

Question 5: What are the 3 protruding elements on this equipment held by the woman called?

Answer: Fins

What is Amazon Funzone?

Amazon Funzone is a one-stop-shop for finding new quizzes and games and answering daily questions to win attractive prizes. There are multiple contests available on Amazon Funzone, but the most popular one is Amazon Daily Quiz. Apart from Daily Quiz, Amazon also offers trivia, spin and win and other contests. On Funzone, prizes vary from consumer electronics to cashback in the form of Amazon Pay balance.

What is Amazon Daily Quiz?

This Amazon daily quiz is an app-only initiative and Amazon says customers can win “exciting prizes every day”. Amazon Daily Quiz used to start at 8 am IST earlier but has now become a 24-hour quiz. The quiz is now open for a period of twenty-four hours and there is no indication that early having any impact on winning. The quiz can only be played on Amazon’s mobile app. It is not possible to participate in this quiz via a web browser.

The prize varies each day and it is either a product or cashback. In the past, Amazon has offered prizes including an Apple iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, portable speakers and Fossil smartwatch to those winning the daily quiz. It has even offered Rs 25,000 in the form of Amazon Pay balance to the winner.

The odds of winning Amazon Daily Quiz are very difficult to figure out. Amazon Seller Services Private Limited, which holds this quiz does not offer the average number of participants. However, one can assume that number to be high since Amazon has a huge customer base in the country.

You can also set a reminder to be notified when the quiz goes live at 8 am on each day. Depending on the number of players entering the quiz, your odds of winning will change. Amazon also publishes the name, redacted contact number and email ID of the winner on its website.

How to participate in Amazon Daily Quiz contest

Amazon Daily Quiz is an app-only contest and you would need a smartphone to enter. The steps to enter the quiz are below, but for those who enter the Amazon Daily Quiz, it is imperative to know that you will enter the lucky draw only if you correctly answer all five questions. If you tap on the wrong answer for even a single question, you won’t enter the lucky draw. However, you will be allowed to complete the quiz. This is how Amazon segregates users for the final lucky draw.

In order to participate, you should be an individual legal resident of the Republic of India. You should have set India as your current country in your account settings on You should be of age18 or higher at the time of entry to the contest. You should have a valid proof of identity confirming the age. This includes Voter ID, PAN card, Driving License or Indian Passport. You should have a billing address within the territory of India. You should not be an employee of Amazon or an immediate family member. Amazon affiliates, advisors and advertising/contest agencies are not eligible either.

Steps to play Amazon Daily Quiz contest

  1. Download the Amazon mobile app from Google Play Store or App Store
  2. Sign in with your existing Amazon ID or create a new account
  3. Once you are logged in to the app, search for “Funzone” in the search field
  4. Click on the first result you see with the description of “win prizes with daily games”
  5. Once you enter the Funzone, you will see a banner showing Daily QuizTime
  6. It is important to note that Daily QuizTime is active only between 8am and 12pm
  7. Now tap on the Play Now button on top of the Daily Quiz banner
  8. The first screen will show the prize for the day followed by a Start button
  9. Click on the Start button to enter the quiz
  10. The next five steps are to answer five questions accurately to win the quiz
  11. Once you answer all five questions correctly, you will automatically enter the lucky draw to win the prize
  12. The last screen on this quiz gives you the option to share the quiz or play more such games

Amazon Daily Quiz Prizes

Amazon Daily Quiz prizes keep changing every day but it usually offers big ticket items like smartphones and huge cashbacks. It recently offered Rs 25,000 in the form of Amazon Pay balance. It has also offered a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 as part of the contest. Other prizes from the past include Apple iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, portable speakers and Fossil Explorist smartwatch.

Has anyone won the Amazon Daily Quiz?

One of the biggest questions surrounding the Amazon Daily Quiz is whether it is genuine. While there is no evidence to prove that the quiz is not genuine, there are multiple people who have raised the questions of winners. In order to prove the authenticity of the quiz winners, Amazon has started revealing names and redacted phone numbers and email IDs of the winners. However, you can find multiple posts on Reddit questioning if the winners are real.

“By participating in the contest, you give consent to Amazon to use your name, likeness, image, voice, and/or appearance, photos, video recordings and the like made in relation to the contest or any promotions,” – this clause in the T&C does not help either.

Priyanshu Raj, a student from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra has posted on Quora about the quiz. He confirms that the quiz is genuine and has shared a screenshot of email from Amazon where he won Amazon Pay balance worth Rs 60,000. You can check the claim here. One of our team members has also won prize for participating in Amazon Pay DTH Quiz and has you can see below, they received an email asking to claim the prize. In other words, Amazon Funzone quizzes do seem authentic but patience is of the essence here.Amazon Pay DTH Quiz

How are Amazon Daily Quiz winners selected?

The winner is selected on the basis of a pool of people entering the contest. As soon as you answer all the five quiz questions correctly, your name enters the pool. From this pool, the winner is selected using a lucky draw that includes names of all those who entered correct answers. From this random draw of a lot, one winner is selected each day for the Amazon Daily Quiz contest. It definitely looks automated.

Amazon daily quiz winner announcement 2021

On its terms and conditions page, Amazon reveals that the winner of Daily Quiz will be announced within a few hours of the contest closing. The Daily Quiz contest used to close at 12pm on each day earlier but will now end at 11:59pm. Once the contest is over, the details of the winner will be posted on this website. The winner is also contacted via email and SMS.

How does Amazon distribute prizes to winners?

Amazon does not reveal how winners will receive their prizes. However, one can assume that once the winner is informed via an email or SMS, they will have the opportunity to reach out to Amazon Sellers Services Private Limited to collect their prize. Considering we are talking Amazon here, we think it will deliver the prize to their doorstep in case of a product. For Amazon Pay cashback, it should reflect in the account of the winner directly.

Amazon Daily Quiz contest: terms and conditions

  1. If you answer all the quiz questions correctly, you will be entitled to enter the lucky draw.
  2. The lucky draw will be carried out among participants who have answered all questions correctly.
  3. The draw of the lot will be carried out during the contest period and one winner will be selected for the prize mentioned during the contest.
  4. Each winner will be eligible for winning only one prize under the contest rules.
  5. Amazon might run a similar contest alongside daily quizzes and you will not be eligible for prizes or rewards mentioned in other contests. Each contest is treated as a separate entry.
  6. When you enter the contest, you consent to being placed on a mailing list for promotions and other materials from Amazon.
  7. In order to opt-out, you can change or update your email preferences.
  8. Participation in the contest is voluntary and by participating, you consent that it is not sponsored in any manner by Apple Inc.
  9. Amazon may change the T&Cs or cancel the contest at any time.
  10. The contest is also subject to force majeure circumstances including without limitation, floods, natural disasters, wars, acts of terror, political unrest, technical snags, the act of God or any circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Amazon.
  11. By participating in the contest, you give consent to Amazon to use your name, likeness, image, voice, and/or appearance, photos, video recordings and the like made in relation to the contest or any promotions.
  12. Amazon will contact the winner by email or SMS. The name of the winner will also be posted on the website within 10 days.
  13. All the information shared in connection with the contest will be treated as per Amazon’s privacy notice.

Amazon daily quiz answers today (August 17th, 2022), win Rs 1,000

  • Answer 1: AS Roma
  • Answer 2: Rajshri Productions
  • Answer 3: Garuda Aerospace
  • Answer 4: Neptune
  • Answer 5: None of these

Amazon daily quiz answers today (August 16th, 2022), win Rs 20,000

  • Answer 1: Avesh Khan
  • Answer 2: Laal Singh Chaddha
  • Answer 3: Lufthansa
  • Answer 4: Santorini
  • Answer 5: Reptile

Amazon daily quiz answers today (August 15th, 2022), win Rs 500

  • Answer 1: Russia
  • Answer 2: Shericka Jackson
  • Answer 3: Janhvi Kapoor
  • Answer 4: Halley’s comet
  • Answer 5: Assam

Amazon daily quiz answers today (August 14th, 2022), win Rs 5,000

  • Answer 1: Adele
  • Answer 2: Nacional
  • Answer 3: Singapore
  • Answer 4: Kristen Stewart
  • Answer 5: Africa

Amazon daily quiz answers today (August 13th, 2022), win Rs 2,000

  • Answer 1: Australia
  • Answer 2: Chris Evans
  • Answer 3: Mumbai – Ahmedabad
  • Answer 4: Whale Shark
  • Answer 5: Liquid Hydrogen

Amazon daily quiz answers today (August 12th, 2022), win Rs 1,000

  • Answer 1: Vicky Kaushal- Katrina Kaif
  • Answer 2: Ethiopia
  • Answer 3: 5G
  • Answer 4: Budgerigars
  • Answer 5: Swarm Industries

Amazon daily quiz answers today (August 11th, 2022), win Rs 2,000

  • Answer 1: Ajax
  • Answer 2: Wholesome
  • Answer 3: Microsoft
  • Answer 4: London
  • Answer 5: Mughal
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