Amazon Diamonds Jackpot Quiz answers today: win up to 1,000 Amazon Diamonds

Amazon Diamonds Jackpot Quiz rejoins the Funzone section for the third time, or rather the ‘Gaming Weekend’ subsection on the Amazon shopping app. The overall quiz hasn’t changed much, as it still follows the same format and the same set of prizes as its previous update. By the look of it, this ‘Jackpot’ style quiz might be a daily contest where Amazon users can collect Diamonds by answering a question every day. So are you up for increasing your diamonds?

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The Amazon Diamonds Jackpot Quiz joins similar contests on the platform, such as the Amazon Gaming Weekend Spin and Win Quiz, Amazon Lizol Wipes Quiz, Amazon Read and Relax (Contest) Quiz, and others. These quizzes are mostly the same and feature the same questions as well. The only difference is the number of Diamonds you can win. Users can find these quizzes by going to the Funzone section on their Amazon app.

Amazon Diamonds Jackpot Quiz answers

  • Answer: Mojo Jojo

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Amazon Diamonds Jackpot Quiz questions and answers

Question: Who is the villain in cartoon, ‘The Powerpuff Girls’?

Answer: Mojo Jojo

How to find the Amazon Diamonds Jackpot Quiz?

The Amazon Diamonds Jackpot Quiz rejoins the Funzone section and is being held as a daily quiz. In order to find this quiz, open the Amazon app on your smartphone and go to the Funzone section. Once you’re there, look for the Amazon Diamonds Jackpot Quiz and tap on the quiz banner to start the contest. You can also click here to open the quiz directly on your smartphone.

Amazon Diamonds Jackpot Quiz answers today: win up to 1000 Amazon Diamonds and more

Amazon Diamonds Jackpot Quiz is the newest addition to the Funzone section. It seems that Amazon is trying to push the concept of Diamonds to its customers. In a logical sense, Amazon Diamonds are similar to Flipkart Super coins. Earlier, it was impossible to use Diamonds on Amazon, and people who were collecting Diamonds never knew what to do with them. It seems that Amazon has finally levelled up with Flipkart. Now, Amazon customers can use Diamonds to get additional discounts and benefits while shopping on Amazon. 

Here are the prizes you can win

  1. First Prize Mix: 1000 Amazon Diamonds
  2. Second Prize Mix: 500 Amazon Diamonds
  3. Third Prize Mix: 300 Amazon Diamonds
  4. Fourth Prize Mix: 200 Amazon Diamonds
  5. Fifth Prize Mix: 100 Amazon Diamonds

The Amazon Diamonds Jackpot Quiz features four sections of quizzes. Participants have the option to choose any quiz and partake in the lucky draw to earn Amazon Diamonds. The quiz is being held from October 15th, 2022, to October 16th, 2022. In order to participate in the contest/quiz, you must verify your number with Amazon India and create an Amazon account on the Amazon app. 

You must be a legal resident of India and be of age 18 or higher to participate in this quiz. The participants must have set India as their country on Amazon India and have a billing address within the territory of India. They must also provide valid proof of identities such as a Voter ID, PAN card, Driving License, or Indian Passport to confirm their age. If you or your immediate family are Amazon employees or affiliates, you are not eligible for this contest.

Amazon Diamonds: what is it, and how to earn and redeem it?

Amazon Diamonds is not a new concept. In fact, Amazon users have been earning Diamonds without even realising it. Whenever a user purchases a product on Amazon, he/she receives some Diamonds. Users also earn Diamonds while playing video games on the Amazon mobile app, watching Amazon Videos, signing up for Prime membership, or making a simple Amazon UPI transaction. 

With quizzes like Amazon Diamonds Jackpot Quiz, Amazon is promoting the use of Diamonds. Users can earn Diamonds by shopping, playing games, and completing quizzes. Users can check their collected Diamonds via the “Diamonds” section inside Funzone. Along with that, users can redeem their Diamonds inside the same section as well. For example, users can get extra cashback and discounts on selected products. 

How to earn Amazon Diamonds:

  • Shop and Earn – Shop for a minimum of Rs 100 to earn more Diamonds
  • Activities – Watch minTV for 15 minutes, participate in quizzes or sign up for annual Prime membership. 

How to redeem Amazon Diamonds:

  • Use Diamonds & save: Exchange your Diamonds for guaranteed cashback and rewards
  • Use Diamonds & win big: Use your collected Diamonds to play Jackpot quizzes to get a chance to win big

Amazon Diamonds Jackpot Quiz: how to play?

  • Download and install Amazon mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Log in to your Amazon IN account or create a new one today. 
  • Search for Funzone and tap on the first result. 
  • Now, look for the Amazon Diamonds Jackpot Quiz and tap on its banner.
  • You can also click here to visit the quiz window directly.
  • On the next screen, pull the contest lever to reveal the question.
  • Answer the question correctly to become eligible for the prize money.

Amazon Diamonds Jackpot Quiz: terms and conditions

  1. You must be an Indian citizen residing in India with valid ID proof. 
  2. At the time of participating in the contest, you must be 18 years of age or above. 
  3. The prizes will be reflected under the “Diamonds section” upon successful completion of the quiz. 
  4. You must provide valid proof of identity in the form of a PAN Card, Voter ID, Driving License, or Indian password. 
  5. Amazon employees or their immediate family members are not eligible to enter the contest/quiz. 
  6. Citizens living outside the Indian Territory are also not eligible to participate in the quiz. 
  7. Only one participant will be selected from the random draw to claim each prize. 

Amazon Diamonds Jackpot Quiz: terms and conditions

Amazon Diamonds Jackpot Quiz is being held on the Funzone section of the Amazon shopping app from October 15th, 2022, to October 16th, 2022. There will be multiple winners in this quiz, and their names will be announced after completing it and posted on this website. All the winners will win Amazon Diamonds as a reward and receive their prizes after completing the quiz.

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