Amazon Echo Show launches with a 7-inch touchscreen: Everything you want to know

Last year when Amazon introduced an IoT (Internet of Things) enabled smart speaker dubbed Echo with the company’s built-in virtual assistant called Alexa, the tech industry was well aware of the fact that Amazon is just not stopping there. In fact, it was the beginning of a whole new era taking place at the e-commerce giant.

As expected, the company went on with unveiling more smart Echo series gadgets over the period. Since last few days, rumours were floating around that Amazon has a new product up its sleeves that would be entirely different from the company’s all existing products in the Echo series.

Putting an end to all those rumours once and for all, Amazon has taken wraps off the Echo Show, which is a new addition to the company’s existing Echo lineup. The biggest attraction, the Amazon Echo Show comes with a 7-inch display primarily for video calling in addition to Alexa and a built-in camera, which is kind of similar to what we have seen on the Echo Look except that it doesn’t have a screen.

Amazon also released a promotional video demonstrating how the Echo Show works. The video shows pretty much what we were expecting from the Amazon Echo Show. First thing first, it has tremendous potential to act like a full-fledged intercom system that does all kind of stuff you must have seen in the sci-fi movies.

The intercom system is a two-way communication electronic device that can transmit and receive both audio and video feeds. Similar to what Alexa is known for, the Amazon Echo shows lets you watch news and videos on YouTube, check security camera feeds, to-dos, shopping lists, music lyrics from Prime Music, photos, weather forecasts, and more.

Let’s say you have installed cameras that are compatible with Amazon Echo Show at your front door or baby’s room. You can fire up a query to Amazon’s renowned Alexa virtual assistant, and it will deliver those feeds up on display. Ring and Arlo wireless network cameras are compatible with the Echo Show. What’s more, you can also ask Alexa to turn on/off lights, control thermostats, and more.

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The Amazon Echo enables hands-free video calling so that you can connect with your friends and family who have the Echo Show or Alexa app installed on their smartphones. Similarly, it also enables voice calling with those having the Echo or Echo Dot.

All you need to do is ask the Echo Show to play a song, and it will show up lyrics on-screen instantaneously. In addition to Amazon Music, you can also stream over Wi-Fi using Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, and more. Did we mention that it also embraces speakers featuring Dolby processing?

The Amazon Echo Show costs $229.99 (approx. Rs 14,995). Interestingly, there is a discount of $100 if you buy two. There are also two colour options: Black and White. The device will start shipping June 28th.

Tanmay Patange

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