Amazon Funzone Jackpot Special Edition Answers: play and win Apple Watch, Rs 20,000 Amazon Pay balance and more

On: December 7, 2020

Amazon Funzone is hosting a special edition Jackpot contest. In this contest, you stand a chance to win prizes ranging from an Apple Watch to Rs 20,000 Amazon Pay balance among others. The contest joins Movie Mania Quiz, Boat Enigma Quiz, Daily Quiz, Spin and Win on the platform.

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These quizzes are a way for Amazon customers to win on the e-commerce platform. They test your general knowledge or presence of mind with one or a series of questions. Depending on the difficulty, you will win either prize money or a new product like the iPhone 12.

What is Amazon Funzone?

As the name gives way, the Funzone is designed as a venue for Amazon customers to have fun and win at the same time. Here you will find daily quiz, monthly quiz, events-based quiz or a quiz designed in collaboration with brands. All you need to do is answer the questions, enter a lucky draw and hope to get lucky.

Amazon Funzone Jackpot Special Edition: answer and win Apple Watch, Rs 20,000 Amazon Pay balance and more

Amazon Funzone Jackpot Special Edition

Amazon Funzone Jackpot Special Edition offers Apple Watch, Rs 20,000 and more in the contest

Amazon usually follows a set of parameters for contests held on the platform. The Jackpot also has a set theme where participants stand a chance to enter different levels on the basis of mix produced by them. Consider this as the digital version of the jackpot where you produce a mix and enter a pool to win prizes accordingly.

The Special Edition Jackpot is open for participants from December 4th and will end on December 20th. The theme seems similar to that of Winter Edition with an emphasis on the month of December and the Christmas cheer it brings along for a lot of people.

In order to participate, you must be a legal resident of the Republic of India and should be of age 18 or higher. The standard rules applicable include requirement to prove your age by submitting a valid proof of identity such as Voter ID, PAN card, Driving License or Indian Passport to confirm your age if you win. Amazon employees, their immediate family members, affiliates cannot enter the contest.

Amazon says the contest is also subject to force majeure circumstances and it reserves the right to change the terms and conditions or cancel the contest. Amazon will post the name of the winner on its website by December 30th. The winner will also be informed via email and SMS.

Amazon Funzone Jackpot Special Edition answer

  • 1973

Amazon Funzone Jackpot Special Edition question and answer

Question 1: In which year the Mysore state was renamed as Karnataka?
Option 1: 1947
Option 2: 1951
Option 3: 1973
Option 4: 1990

Answer: 1973

Amazon Funzone Jackpot Special Edition: how to play?

Amazon Funzone Jackpot Special Edition

Tap on the lever of the slot machine to get started with the contest

  • Download the Amazon mobile app from Google Play Store or App Store to enter the contest.
  • Now log into your Amazon account or create a new one.
  • Once you log in to the app, go to the search field and look for “Funzone” and find Jackpot Special Edition.
  • Click on the “Tap Here” symbol shown next to a lever of the slot machine.
  • Based on the result of the images you see in all the three reels, you will proceed to claim your prize.
  • Each prize combination or mix corresponds to either the “win” category or “chance to win” category.
  • Only one participant will be selected by a random draw of lots for each prize.
  • If the images in all the three reels don’t match, then you will lose.
  • If they match, then you will proceed to the next step showing the prize to be won.
  • All you need to do is answer a question.

Amazon Funzone Jackpot Special Edition: terms and conditions

  1. There is a limited number of prizes available under the “win” and “chance to win” category.
  2. If you do not answer the question within the given time period or fail to answer correctly then you will be disqualified.
  3. All winners will be required to have their mobile numbers verified with
  4. By participating in the contest, you give consent to Amazon to use your name, likeness, image, voice, and/or appearance, photos, video recordings and the like made in relation to the contest or any promotions.
  5. All the information shared in connection with the contest will be treated as per Amazon’s privacy notice.

Amazon Funzone Jackpot Special Edition: winners list

Amazon will announce the winner by December 31st and we will update this post to reflect the name of the winner.

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