Amazon Hathmic Quiz answers today: win Rs 5,000 (20 winners)

Amazon Hathmic Quiz may well be the last quiz out of the five new quizzes introduced by the e-commerce giant but it is also the easiest of the pack. With straightforward questions and answers, the quiz doesn’t really require smashing your head to figure out the answer. The quiz seems to be done with the intention of promoting the coconut oil products from Hathmic brand available on Amazon India.

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The Amazon Hathmic Quiz, like all the other quizzes, is being held from October 13th, 2021 to October 27th, 2021. With this quiz, Amazon is testing your knowledge about Hathmic and its coconut virgin oil. The quiz joins the likes of Amazon Huggies Quiz, Amazon Dukes Quiz, Amazon MamyPoko Quiz and Amazon Yogabars Quiz. Click here to check all the quizzes live right now and answers.

Amazon Hathmic Quiz answers

  • Answer 1: All of the Above
  • Answer 2: All of the Above
  • Answer 3: Milk
  • Answer 4: All of the Above
  • Answer 5: All of the Above

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Amazon Hathmic Quiz questions and answers

Question 1: Which of the following is a feature of Hathmic Virgin Coconut Oil?

Answer: All of the Above

Question 2: Why has Hathmic been the First Preference for Mothers?

Answer: All of the Above

Question 3: Which is the best Cold Pressed oil from Hathmic that supports haircare?

Answer: Milk

Question 4: Hathmic Virgin Coconut Oil is good for a healthy diet for which of the following reasons?

Answer: All of the Above

Question 5: Which of these are features of Hathmic Virgin Coconut Oil?

Answer 5: All of the Above

How to find the Amazon Hathmic Quiz?

Amazon Hathmic Quiz is joining Yogabars Quiz as the second new quiz to join the “Games on smartphones, TVs and more” section of Funzone. The quiz looks weird to be placed in this section and those interested in participating by clicking here. You can also participate in the quiz by going to Funzone and scrolling down to Games on smartphones, TVs and more. With this quiz, Amazon is shining light on a brand most people would not have heard about.

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