Amazon: How to Change Language on App and Website

The e-commerce giant Amazon has become a household name. Whatever the article may be on your shopping list, you are sure to find it, and at a competitive price. From grocery to stationery, furniture to fashion, the spectrum is wide. Take your pick, sitting in the comfort of your home. And all that with a “no questions asked” exchange and return policy.

If you were wondering whether this American multinational technology company will offer its wares in a language you are comfortable in, wait no more! The virtual shopping experience is already offering its services in seven Indian regional languages apart from English and other international tongues. The company realised that the language barrier was deterring some users from fully using the app. Therefore, the app decided to support multiple languages so that users can enjoy shopping entirely and that too in their preferred language. Whether using Amazon on mobile or website, it is easy to change the default language. This article will help you select when switching from the default to your preferred language.

How to change the language on the Amazon website

The Amazon website in India allows you to choose your preferred language. First, you will have to ensure that you are logged into the website meant for customers in India.

To change your language preference on the Amazon website:

amazon website

  • Go to the URL –
  • Click on “Language Settings” or the country flag you see on the top of the page right beside the search box
  • Select the language of your preference
  • Now save the changes 

You can browse through the website in your selected language and even receive communications from Amazon in your preferred language. This is now your default language

How to change language in the Amazon app?

Many customers prefer to use the Amazon app for their shopping requirements and to avail some special offers thrown in from time to time. The process is almost similar in Android and iOS phones.

To change your language preference on the Amazon app: 

amazon app

  • Open the Amazon app on your smartphone
  • Tap on the “hamburger menu” or the three horizontal lines you see at the bottom right
  • In the new display page, scroll down and tap on “Settings”
  • Now click on “Country & Language”
  • From the list displayed, select the language you prefer as your default

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1. How to change language in Amazon Prime Video 

Amazon offers Prime Video which is available as an OTT service over the Internet. For a small amount, Prime members enjoy unlimited free, fast delivery on eligible items, video streaming, ad-free music, free in-game content, exclusive access to deals, etc.

The website and Prime Video app user interface are available in many languages. In order to select your preferred language, you may follow the steps mentioned below

On website:

  • Go to the “Account and Settings” page
  • Click on the “Language” tab
  • Select your preferred language

On the Prime Video mobile apps:

  • Open Prime Video app.
  • Go to “My Stuff”
  • Tap on the gear icon
  • Click on “Language”
  • Select your desired language

On Smart TVs:

  • Open the Prime Video app
  • Go to the Prime Video settings option
  • Go to “Language”
  • Select the language you want

2. How many languages are supported in Amazon 

There are 12 international languages supported in Amazon. The international languages are Hindi, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Chinese (simplified), and Chinese (traditional). 

3. Can I change the language back to default?

Simply follow the steps mentioned above to change the language of your preference as the default.

4. Are Indian regional languages also supported on Amazon?

There are seven Indian regional languages supported in Amazon. These languages, apart from Hindi, are Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bangla, and Marathi.

5. Why did my Amazon App language change?

Check if the default is your preferred language. Amazon may switch to a pre-chosen language depending on the geographical location of your device. Check locations, account settings and browser settings. The sudden change in your Amazon account’s language may be due to the fact that its website switches the language if you click on a foreign link. Sometimes some website features or communications may not be available in your preferred language.

6. Why is Amazon coming up in Spanish on my phone?

If Amazon is coming up in Spanish on your phone, chances are that your browser supports multiple languages. Go to your browser’s settings and remove Spanish from the list of preferred languages. To change your language preference

  • Go to “Language Settings”
  • Select your preferred language
  • Save changes