Amazon International Chess Day Quiz answers today: win Rs 20,000 (1 winner)

Amazon International Chess Day Quiz is a new quiz debuting on Funzone that is not related to Prime Day. We have seen Amazon ramp up its quizzes activity around Prime Day in the past week. Now, we have an outlier in the form of International Chess Day Quiz and as the name implies, it is all about chess tournaments.

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The International Chess Day Quiz on Amazon Funzone joins other quizzes such as Amazon IFB Washing Machine Quiz, Amazon Audio Quiz, Amazon Wahl Hair Styling Quiz, Amazon TCL Mini LED TV Quiz and others. Click here to check all the quizzes running on Amazon right now. The winners of this quiz will be selected by a random draw of lots.

Amazon International Chess Day Quiz answers

  • Answer 1: Grandmaster
  • Answer 2: Adolph Anderssen
  • Answer 3: 32
  • Answer 4: 64
  • Answer 5: 1924

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Amazon International Chess Day Quiz questions and answers

Question 1: What is the highest title for professional chess players?

Answer: Grandmaster

Question 2: Who won the first modern international chess tournament held in London in 1851?

Answer: Adolph Anderssen

Question 3: At the start of a chess game, how many pieces are there in total on a chess board?

Answer: 32

Question 4: How many square boxes are there in a chess board?

Answer: 64

Question 5: In which year was the World Chess Federation officially founded?

Answer: 1924

How to find Amazon International Chess Day Quiz?

Amazon International Chess Day Quiz debuts out of nowhere and adds freshness to Funzone which is being dominated by Prime Day related quizzes. In order to find this quiz, search for Funzone and click on the first result. Scroll down to find this quiz in a dedicated section comprising a few slides of quizzes. You can also click here to directly go to the quiz.

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