Amazon introduces Prime Lite Membership in India, available to few Prime Members


  • Amazon’s Prime membership was launched in India back in 2016 and has been providing great benefits to its users ever since
  • Introducing the Lite Prime subscription model, with all its exclusive benefits and services, now exclusively available at just ₹999
  • This new model will be marginally different from Amazon Prime

In recent developments, Amazon rolled out a trial run of its Prime Lite service in India. Specifically catered to the Indian market, Prime Lite is currently available as a Beta version to select Prime members in the country. 

In December 2021, Amazon Prime adjusted its yearly subscription plan, raising it from Rs. 999 to Rs. 1,499. The price of the monthly plan of Amazon Prime has also seen a rise of 39 percent, now going up to Rs. 179 from its earlier Rs. 129. Similarly, the quarterly plan has also gone up by almost an equivalent amount – a 39 percent increase to Rs. 459 from its previous price point at Rs. 329. 

Difference between Prime and Prime Lite

amazon prime video

There is now a new subscription offer, Prime Lite, which costs Rs. 999. There will be a slight difference between Amazon Prime Lite and Amazon Prime in terms of benefits and services. Prime Lite offers Two-Day delivery, unlike Amazon Prime’s Same-Day or One-day delivery. This service also lets you enjoy unlimited Prime Video content, which is the same as what Amazon Prime provides. Even though the content is not available in HD, it can be streamed on two devices simultaneously. One of these should be a mobile phone, and it may also include ads.

Amazon Prime Lite offers the same advantages and amenities as Amazon Prime, but there’s a key distinction. The Prime Lite membership does not permit access to Amazon Prime Music. Apart from this, it also lacks access to EMI with no cost attached, free ebooks and Prime Gaming.

Of course, we will get a better understanding of this when Amazon rolls out the feature to all users.