Amazon June Quiz answers today: win Rs 50,000 (1 winner)

Amazon June Quiz is one of the new quizzes being added to the Funzone section today. It joins Amazon OnePlus Nord CE 5G Quiz as the second new quiz for the day. With this new quiz, Amazon says “learn about June with us”. The quiz is all about major events that occurred in the month of June. This is in line with the recurring theme where Amazon tests your knowledge for about a month using the key events.

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The Amazon June Quiz on Funzone joins other quizzes such as Amazon Buddha Jayanti Quiz, Amazon miniTV Quiz, Amazon Road Safety Week Quiz, Amazon May Quiz, Amazon Funzone Jackpot Summer Edition Quiz and more. Click here to check all the quizzes run by Amazon India. The winners of this quiz will be selected by a random draw of lots.

Amazon June Quiz answers

  • Answer 1: Marilyn Monroe
  • Answer 2: NFL
  • Answer 3: Yoga
  • Answer 4: World Asteroid Day
  • Answer 5: Rory McIlroy
  • Answer 6: Bharat

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Amazon June Quiz questions and answers

Question 1: On 1st June, 1926 which famous Hollywood star was born as Norma Jean Mortensen?

Answer: Marilyn Monroe

Question 2: On 11th June, 1913 famous coach Vince Lombardi was born. The trophy given to the winners of which league is named after him?

Answer: NFL

Question 3: On 21st June, 2018 Kota entered the Guinness Book of World Records, when over 1 lakh people performed what at one place at the same time?

Answer: Yoga

Question 4: On 30th June, on the anniversary of the Siberian Tunguska event in 1908, where a major explosion happened, what day is observed?

Answer: World Asteroid Day

Question 5: In June 2011, which 22 year old claimed the first gold major of his career when he won the US Open, creating a new scoring record?

Answer: Rory McIlroy

Question 6: On 5th June, 2019 which movie was released where Salman Khan played the elder brother of Tabu?

Answer: Bharat

How to find the Amazon June Quiz on Funzone?

Amazon June Quiz is a new quiz that aims to test your knowledge about the month of June using key events that occurred in June. In order to find this quiz, search for Funzone in the Amazon app. Click on the first result and scroll down to the section called “Games in focus”. In this section, you will have to horizontally swipe to find the Amazon June Quiz. You can also click on this link to directly go to this quiz.

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