Amazon MamyPoko Quiz answers today: win Rs 10,000 (10 winners)

Amazon MamyPoko Quiz is joining the Dukes Quiz as a new quiz in the “New games, new rewards” section of Funzone. However, it can be seen as a followup to Amazon Huggies Quiz and Amazon Pampers Premium Care Quiz. With the MamyPoko Quiz, Amazon is testing your knowledge about MamyPoko as a brand, from its manufacturer to ranking in the market to its sister brand, the quiz covers a lot of ground.

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With the Funzone section, Amazon has created a truly competitive and engaging platform for its customers. With the section, Amazon tries to test the knowledge of its customers regarding brands, products and key events. All these quizzes come with interesting and the most common being Amazon Pay balance. The MamyPoko Quiz is being held from October 13th to October 27th and a total of 10 participants will be selected as winners via random draw of lots.

Amazon MamyPoko Quiz answers

  • Answer 1: No.1
  • Answer 2: Unicharm India Pvt Ltd
  • Answer 3: All of these
  • Answer 4: U
  • Answer 5: Sofy

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Amazon MamyPoko Quiz questions and answers

Question 1: MamyPoko Pants was the _______ brand to launch pant style diapers in India. Fill in the blanks

Answer: No.1

Question 2: MamyPoko Pants is manufactured by which firm?

Answer: Unicharm India Pvt Ltd

Question 3: Which of these is true about the MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb that comes with new ‘Widespread Crisscross Sheet’?

Answer: All of these

Question 4: MamyPoko Pants new born diapers has what shape cut in the front, protecting the umbilical stump of the new born baby?

Answer: U

Question 5: ______ is the sister brand of MamyPoko Pants for Sanitary Napkins. Fill in the blanks

Answer 5: Sofy

How to find the Amazon MamyPoko Quiz?

As mentioned earlier, Amazon MamyPoko Quiz is debuting as the second new quiz for the day under the “New games, new rewards” section of Funzone. You can find this quiz by opening the Amazon shopping app on your phone and searching for Funzone. Now, click on the first result and scroll down to the “New games, new rewards” section. From here, scroll through the horizontal list of quizzes to find Amazon MamyPoko Quiz or click here to get started.

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