Amazon Mobile Exchange Offer: how it works, eligibility, FAQs, and more

On: January 30, 2021

After Flipkart started offering mobile exchange offer to its customers to exchange their old phones, Amazon India also joined the fray. As expected, the Amazon Mobile Exchange Offer allows customers to exchange their used product for a discount on a new one. The exchange offer on Amazon is fully funded by buyback partners and the exchange value is determined by these buyback partners.

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Amazon India offers exchange offers on mobiles, tablets, laptops, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners that are fulfilled by Amazon. However, users can only exchange a used product with a new product in the same category, like a used mobile for a new mobile. Let’s take a look at all details of the offer.

What is Amazon Mobile Exchange offer?

Amazon Mobile Exchange Offer lets users exchange their old phones for discount on a new one

Amazon Mobile Exchange Offer lets users exchange their old phones for discount on a new one

As mentioned before, Amazon India allows its customers to exchange old products for a discount on purchase of a new one. However, the exchange offer can only be availed if the old product and new products are of the same category. Therefore, you can only exchange an old smartphone for a new one.

The whole point of Amazon’s mobile exchange offer is to make your new purchase more affordable by offering an exchange value for your used product. Users will need to furnish details of their old smartphone such as serial number, condition, and model before they can avail the exchange offer. Let’s take a look at how it works.

How does Amazon Mobile Exchange work?

The process to avail Amazon Exchange Offer is pretty simple

The process to avail Amazon Exchange Offer is pretty simple

Amazon India has indicated eligible products on its website by placing ‘With Exchange’ option on the right-hand side of the product page. Users can select the exchange option, provide old product details and proceed to place order. Here’s how you can place an order using the exchange offer on Amazon.

  1. Go to the product page of the smartphone you wish to purchase
  2. Look for ‘With Exchange’ option on the right-hand side
  3. Click on it and enter the IMEI number (dial *#06#), brand, and model of your old phone
  4. Once you share these details, am ‘Exchange offer applied’ message will be displayed in green and the ‘Buy now with Exchange’ button will be activated
  5. You’ll also be able to see the final amount payable as the ‘You Pay’ amount in the same section
  6. Click on ‘Buy now with exchange’ button
  7. Choose your delivery options, payment method, review order details
  8. Click on ‘Place your order and pay’ to complete the payment
  9. Your order will be placed and you’ll receive an order confirmation email

Note that if you abandon the order placement or leave it unfinished, you will have to start from scratch again as the product will not be saved in the cart.

Amazon Mobile Exchange offer: FAQs

How will I know if the product I want is available with exchange?

In order to check whether the exchange offer is available for your desired product, update the pin code and look for the ‘With Exchange’ option on the product page.

How do I check if the exchange offer is available at my location?

To check if exchange offer is available at your location, update the pin code of your delivery address and look for ‘With Exchange’ option.

What do I need to ensure before availing exchange offer?

Before availing the exchange offer, make sure that the old product that you want to exchange is in working condition. The display should be intact without any scratches or cracks and the used product should not be damaged in any way. Moreover, the used product should match the details provided while placing the exchange order. Erase all personal data from the device and remove all locks including iCloud, Google account, and passcodes.

What happens if my old product doesn’t match the exchange criteria?

If the old product doesn’t meet the criteria, you can convert your exchange order to regular order and pay the exchange discount to receive the new product. You can pay the difference amount through cash, credit card, debit card or a payment link sent to you by SMS. Once the payment is confirmed by the delivery associate, you will get the new product.

Do I need to provide original packaging and accessories?

While it’s ideal that you provide original packaging and accessories with the used product, it’s not mandatory. If your old device is in working condition and intact, you can complete the exchange process.

How do I send my old product to Amazon?

You are not required to send the old device to Amazon. The e-commerce website will arrange for the pickup of the same from your doorstep.

Can I exchange more than on old products to buy a new one?

No, you can only exchange one device in one order.

Can I exchange a different mobile than the one I mentioned in the exchange offer?

No, once the order is placed you must exchange with the same device of which you entered details while placing the exchange order.

Why do I see different exchange value at different pin codes?

The exchange offer is provided by third-party buyback partners. The exchange value varies depending on the brand and model selected, your delivery location, and the availability of the offer by the buyback partner.

Why is my device not on the list of eligible products for exchange?

Since the exchange offer is facilitated by buyback partners, the list of eligible products is dynamic. Check the latest list of used products eligible for exchange under ‘With Exchange’ section before placing the order.

If I return my exchange order, how will I get a refund?

The amount you paid for the new product will be refunded directly to the same payment mode through which the order was paid for. The exchange offer value for the old products will be credited to the Amazon account in form of a gift card.

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