Amazon Prime Day 2019: Top Washing Machines Launched by LG, AmazonBasics, Whirlpool and more

On: July 15, 2019

Amazon Prime Day 2019 has begun and a number of new appliances have been launched. Brands like LG, Whirlpool, IFB and AmazonBasics have all released washing machines with varied wash capacities and features. These offerings are also available for a discounted price during the Prime Day Celebration. Let’s have a look at these new options:

1. LG Fully-Automatic Top-Load Washing Machine


This fully-automatic offering by LG features a wash capacity of 10kg which is suitable for large families. It has eight wash programs, Turbo Drum and operates on Smart Inverter technology. The Jet Spray+ feature of the appliance saves water by up to 70 percent and cuts energy consumption by up to 40 percent. Additionally, the Tub Clean technology keeps the appliance hygienic while Punch +3 works to provide an even washing result. The drum of this fully-automatic offering is rust-proof and it is equipped with Smart Diagnosis feature as well. The machine also plays host to features like Auto Restart and Child Lock while making minimum noise during operation. This LG machine can be bought for a price of Rs 33,990 against its original price of Rs 39,990.

2. AmazonBasics Fully-Automatic Top-Load Washing Machine


Launched with a 6.5kg capacity, this AmazonBasics appliance is ideal for three to four people. It features 10 wash programs to suit different fabrics and needs and a Bubble Wash Pulsating Action that helps in removing stubborn stains. It also sports a Pre-Soak function and a Magic Filter to trap lint and dirt. The Fuzzy System option analyses the amount of water and soap required to clean a pile of laundry, while the Delay Start function helps in setting the cycle time according to a user’s convenience. The appliance also comes with a stainless steel diamond drum and Auto-Restart function. It can be bought for a highly discounted price of Rs 10,999 against its launch price of Rs 20,000.

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3. Whirlpool Fully-Automatic Top-Load Washing Machine


The Whirlpool fully-automatic machine launched today features a total capacity of 7kg and eight wash programs. The machine is called Stainwash Ultra and comes with an in-built water heater of a hassle-free wash experience. The water heater helps in getting rid of germs and allergens while removing stains. The appliance is further laced with a 3D Scrub Technology and smart features like Hard Water Wash, Spa Wash, Zero Pressure Fill technology that works at minimum water pressure, Dynamix technology, smart sensors and Smart Detergent Dosage. The machine also plays host to a Delay Wash, Smart Lint Filter and Auto Tub Clean feature and can be bought for Rs 17,990.

4. IFB Fully-Automatic Front-Load Washing Machine


This front-load waterproof and scratchproof washing machine by IFB comes with a wash capacity of 6.5kg and is suitable for small families. It is laced with IFB Senorita ZX sensors that let you control the appliance through your voice. User can also use the IFB app to select programs, watch the wash status and receive notifications. The machine can be controlled via a user’s smartphone and comes with Wi-Fi connectivity as well. It features 16 wash programs, Air Bubble Wash technology, 3D Wash System, Time Delay, Laundry Add, Auto Balance System and Ball Valve Technology. This Alexa-enabled smart appliance can be grabbed at a discounted price of Rs 31,990 against the original Rs 36,990 price tag.

5. Bosch Fully-Automatic Front-Load Washing Machine


The Bosch Inverter Fully-Automatic Front-Load offering comes with a 6.5kg wash capacity and features 15 wash programs. It has an Anti-Vibration design and an EcoSilence Drive Motor that gives a silent wash experience. Additionally, the appliance is equipped with EcoPerfect feature that limits the power consumption and an Active Water technology that adjusts the water level smartly through sensors. It also sports features like SpeedPerfect, VoltCheck, Pre-Wash, Reload function that lets a user open the door before a cycle is complete and free Water Filter. This machine can be yours for a price of Rs 28,160 against the launch price of Rs 33,500.

6. Godrej Fully-Automatic Top-Load Washing Machine


This offering by Godrej sports a 7.5kg wash capacity and suits the need of small families. It has eight wash programs and operates on Roller-Coaster Wash Technology. It features an LED display, a waterproof panel and a toughened glass lid. The roller-coaster-like motion of the machine helps in cleaning clothes effectively, according to the company. Its special features include a Gravity Drum, Aquajet Pulsator, and Tub Clean feature. Users can get their hands on this fully-automatic top-load washing machine for Rs 17,490 against the original price of Rs 27,500.

7. Haier Fully-Automatic Top-Load Washing Machine


This 5.8kg offering by Haier suits the needs of couples. It comes loaded with six wash programs for varied needs of different fabrics and features a Fuzzy Logic Control technology. The Quadra Flow Pulsator ensures a smooth wash experience while removing deep stains. The Quick Wash function can provide fresh laundry in a matter of minutes while the Auto Power-Off feature saves electricity by turning off all operations when a cycle is complete. The machine also comes laden with memory backup option, digital display, stainless steel drum and rust-proof body. It can be bought at a price of Rs 11,499 while its launch price is Rs 16,100.

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8. Koryo Fully-Automatic Front-Load Washing Machine


This 7kg offering by Koryo has been launched to satisfy the needs of a family of three to four people. It has 16 wash programs so that each fabric gets the best wash and an in-built heater that ensures an ameliorated experience while keeping the appliance germ-free. It features an LED display panel and a 15 minutes QuickWash feature that can freshen mildly spoiled clothes within minutes. It also sports a Bubble Wash feature and ensures silent operation. Its spin speed is 1000RPM that helps in drying clothes in a smaller duration of time. Consumers can get this machine for Rs 18,990.

9. Koryo 7.5 Kg Washer Only


This offering comes with a washer only and can suit the requirements of small families. It comes with two wash programs and 800RPM spin speed. This semi-automatic offering is further equipped with a magic filter that averts the clogging of the drainage system by collecting dirt particles from the clothes. It has a compact design and is considerably light which makes it convenient to move. The appliance can be bought for Rs 4,999 against the launch price of Rs 7,999.

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