Amazon Prime Surprise offer: how to get 14 days free Prime membership

Amazon has been pushing to turn non-Prime users into paying Prime members in India. The company was recently forced to discontinue free trials and monthly Prime subscriptions in accordance with RBI guidelines, and has now come up with a new way to get Indian users to subscribe to Amazon Prime.

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Amazon Prime Surprise is a limited period offer aimed at non-Prime members to test drive the service and make up their mind as to whether they wish to subscribe or not. If you have an Amazon account without a Prime Membership, read on to see how you can get it free for 14 days.

Amazon Prime Surprise offer: what is it?

Amazon Prime Surprise

Amazon Prime Surprise is an offer aimed particularly at non-Prime members, but not limited to those who have never subscribed to the service. If you subscribed to Prime earlier but stopped your subscription, you might see this offer on the main page of the Amazon app. The banner for the offer clearly states that it is available for a “limited period only”.

Unlike other services which offer free trials, you don’t need to share your credit card or debit card details to get this offer. With the Amazon Prime Surprise offer, you get free Prime membership for a total of 14 days. Amazon says “We’re giving you a chance to try Prime free for 14 days”.

The fundamental element of an Amazon Prime membership, for a long time, has been the free fast delivery. While one day delivery costs Rs 100 for non-Prime members, Prime members get one day delivery on eligible orders for free. Prime members also get two day delivery, which costs Rs 80, for free. These fast deliveries can be tempting especially when you need something the next day. However, Amazon Prime membership has expanded beyond that fast delivery and now offers a lot of services. From Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading to exclusive deals, gaming, there is a lot included with the service.

In India, the Prime membership costs Rs 329 for three months and Rs 999 for a year.

Amazon Prime Surprise: how to get this offer

Please note that Amazon Prime Surprise is a limited period offer and at the time of writing, only a select number of non-Prime members seem to have seen this offer. We have reached out to Amazon India for more clarity on this offer and whether all non-Prime members will see this offer at a later stage. Here is how to get the service:

  • Look for the Amazon Prime Surprise banner on the homepage of the app.
  • Tap on the “Start my Prime Surprise” button below the banner.
  • The next screen will confirm that your Prime Surprise offer has been enabled.
  • You will also see the last date of this offer.

Amazon Prime Surprise: will it auto renew?

Amazon has confirmed that the Prime membership won’t auto renew for those who enrol in the Prime Surprise offer. However, after 14 days, Amazon will add a yearly Prime membership to your shopping cart which you can choose to buy or remove from your cart at any time. Alternatively, you can also visit to join a longer Prime plan.

Amazon Prime Surprise: terms and conditions

  1. Amazon Prime Surprise is a limited period offer for non-Prime members.
  2. The offer does not ask for your card details.
  3. Amazon Prime Surprise offers 14 days free Prime membership.
  4. The offer includes all the benefits that come standard with Prime membership.
  5. Amazon Prime Surprise does not auto renew for those who enroll in the service.
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