Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition launched in India: what it is, which Airtel recharge plans offer it

Amazon Prime Video is making its biggest attempt yet to take on Disney+ Hotstar and Netflix in India. Amazon is announcing the availability of Prime Video Mobile Edition today in collaboration with Airtel for the initial rollout. This is the first time that Prime Video is being offered as a standalone subscription service and not as part of the larger Prime membership.

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Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition is a single-user mobile-only plan that will rival Netflix’s mobile-only plan. The e-commerce giant says India is the first country to offer customers a mobile-only Prime Video plan. During the lockdown caused by the novel coronavirus, streaming video services have seen a significant rise in consumption. With the new plan, Amazon is looking to retain those customers for a longer period of time.

What is Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition?

Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition is a mobile-only plan available for a single user. It means that customers will only be able to consume Prime Video content on their mobile devices. It will also be restricted to a single screen, which will make it difficult to share the account or watch on multiple devices at the same time.

India is a mobile-first country with over 500 million mobile internet users. It is also where most people start their internet journey on a mobile device. With Prime Video Mobile Edition, Amazon is trying to tap into these mobile native users with a plan that is available only on their mobile devices and as affordable as their mobile data plan.

Like Netflix, which introduced a mobile-only plan in India in 2019, the Prime Video Mobile Edition does come with limitations. One of the biggest limitations being that it is being offered through external partners. In India, Amazon has partnered Airtel India to offer the service. The second being that all contests are streamed in standard definition through the Prime Video app on Android or iOS.

“India is one of our fastest growing territories in the world with very high engagement rates. Buoyed by this response, we want to double-down by offering our much-loved entertainment content to an even larger base of Indian customers. Given high mobile broadband penetration in the country, the mobile phone has become one of the most widely used streaming devices. With the launch of Prime Video Mobile Edition we look forward to entertaining every Indian with our Exclusive and Original content,” Jay Marine, Vice President, Amazon Prime Video Worldwide, said in a released statement.

How to get Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition?

Amazon has partnered with Airtel for the initial rollout of Prime Video Mobile Edition, so if you have a Vi or Reliance Jio connection, you won’t be able to subscribe to it immediately. In order to subscribe to this plan, Airtel prepaid subscribers can recharge with any of the below mentioned plans through Airtel Thanks app or over one million Airtel stores in the country.

Airtel plans with free Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition

Airtel Prepaid Plan PriceAmazon Prime Video Mobile EditionAmazon Prime MembershipUnlimited CallingDataValidity
Rs 89YesNoNo6GB28 days
Rs 129YesNoYes1GB24 days
Rs 131NoYesNoNo30 days
Rs 149YesNoYes2GB28 days
Rs 179YesNoYes2GB28 days
Rs 199YesNoYes1GB per day24 days
Rs 219YesNoYes1GB per day28 days
Rs 249YesNoYes1.5GB per day28 days
Rs 279YesNoYes1.5GB per day28 days
Rs 289YesNoYes1.5GB per day28 days
Rs 298YesNoYes2GB per day28 days
Rs 299YesNoYes1.5GB per day28 days
Rs 349NoYesYes2GB per day28 days
Rs 379YesNoYes6GB84 days
Rs 398YesNoYes3GB per day28 days
Rs 399YesNoYes1.5GB per day56 days
Rs 448YesNoYes3GB per day28 days
Rs 449YesNoYes2GB per day56 days
Rs 558YesNoYes3GB per day56 days
Rs 598YesNoYes1.5GB per day84 days
Rs 599YesNoYes2GB per day56 days
Rs 1498YesNoYes24GB365 days
Rs 2498YesNoYes2GB per day365 days
Rs 2698YesNoYes2GB per day365 days

As part of the launch, all prepaid Airtel customers can avail a 30-day free trial by signing up to Amazon from Airtel Thanks app using their mobile number.

With Rs 89 prepaid plan, Airtel users will get Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition and 6GB of data for 28 days. In addition, there is Rs 299 prepaid plan, which bundles Prime Video Mobile Edition with unlimited calling and 1.5GB data per day for 28 days. Airtel also offers prepaid plans where customers can enjoy full Amazon Prime membership. With Rs 131 recharge, Airtel prepaid customers get Amazon Prime membership with fast free shipping, full Prime Video access and unlimited ad-free music for 30 days.

With a Rs 349 prepaid bundle, Airtel customers can get Amazon Prime membership with full Prime Video access, unlimited ad-free music and free fast shipping for 28 days. This plan also includes unlimited calling and 2GB data per day for 28 days. In comparison, Netflix‘s mobile-only plan is priced at Rs 199 for a month but it has a better content library.

While these plans are being promoted as primary plans with Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition and full Prime membership in India, Airtel has updated many other plans across the board. Now, you can get Prime Video Mobile Edition with prepaid plans priced at Rs 129, Rs 149, Rs 179, Rs 199, Rs 219, Rs 249, Rs 279, Rs 289, Rs 379, Rs 398, Rs 399, Rs 448, Rs 449, Rs 558, Rs 598, Rs 599, Rs 1,498, Rs 2,498 and Rs 2,698 respectively.

All the plans mentioned above are part of Airtel’s truly unlimited options in the country. The difference between these plans boil down to the data offered and validity. Next time when you recharge your Airtel mobile number, make sure to check for Prime Video Mobile Edition as well.

Does Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition come with a Prime membership?

Amazon Prime membership is a one subscription plan to rule them all. While the primary benefit of this membership is free fast shipping, Amazon has added free services like Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Gaming, Prime Reading and unlimited 5 percent reward on select cards.

It is priced at Rs 129 for a month while the annual membership costs Rs 999. With Prime Video Mobile Edition, Amazon is stripping all of those benefits and focusing only on the video service. In other words, your Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition will not include free fast shipping and unlimited ad-free music subscription.

The streaming is limited to standard definition and to mobile apps available for Android or iOS. With full Prime membership, you can watch content in HD and UHD quality and stream from different devices including streaming devices like the Fire TV stick.