How to use Watch Party on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most popular video streaming platforms in the country. With an estimated user base of 140 million, it is second only to Disney+ Hotstar in India. While most of these users are subscribed to Prime membership for faster delivery, Amazon has been ramping up its music and video streaming services to challenge the likes of Hotstar, Netflix, Spotify and Apple Music.

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Since the pandemic began and stay at home orders became common, Amazon started acquiring a number of movies. It became the platform for movies skipping the theatrical release. With the option to create six user profiles, Amazon Prime Video offers great value to customers. Now, it is adding one more feature that can be dubbed as true icing on the cake.

Amazon Prime Video gets Watch Party feature in India

In India, Amazon Prime Video customers will now get the Prime Video Watch Party feature. This is a native feature that brings social viewing experience on desktop for Prime Video users in the country. It is available at no additional cost.

To recall, Amazon Prime membership costs Rs 129 per month and Rs 999 for a year. The announcement comes amidst Netflix’s Streamfest, which is offering free viewing without membership till December 9th.

With this new feature, you will be able to host and participate in Watch Party on your computer using Amazon Prime Video. It will offer synchronised video playback with the host maintaining the control.

There is also a chat feature built-in for communication with those joining the watch party. Each participant must have a Prime membership or Prime Video subscription and you can have as many as 100 participants for each session. Are you intrigued? Here is how you can get started.

How to host or participate in Amazon Prime Video Watch Party

Amazon Prime Video Watch Party

Amazon Prime Video now supports Watch Party feature in India

Amazon Prime Video Watch Party

You can invite up to 100 people per session to join your Watch Party

Amazon Prime Video Watch Party

Needless to say Amazon Prime membership is a must for all

    1. Find a movie or TV show to watch on Amazon Prime Video
    2. Click on the Watch Party icon on the screen for movies and episode list for TV shows
    3. Create your Watch Party by entering your name, which will also be displayed for communication
    4. Now, invite your friends with Prime membership or Prime Video subscription by sharing a link
    5. Your friends, up to 100 members, can join through your link
    6. You can now start watching and chatting with your friends
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