Amazon Weekly Jackpot play and win Quiz answers today: win 10 Funzone stars

Amazon’s Funzone for mobile devices now features a new weekly Answer and Win Quiz. In addition, you’ll be able to witness Amazon’s weekly Jackpot Play and win Quiz on the app. A chance to win Funzone stars that can be exchanged for Amazon Pay balances is offered. In this Quiz, users will have to answer five questions correctly.

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In this Amazon weekly Answer and win quiz, you will have to select the correct answer to get 10 Funzone stars. Although keep in mind that only 200,000 lucky winners will get 10 Funzone stars after giving correct answers to all five questions. Besides these weekly quizzes, Amazon has also started its Amazon Prime day spacial quizzes where users can win iPad Air, OnePlus 10 Pro, and more.

Amazon Weekly Jackpot play and win Quiz answers

  • Answer 1: Rajendra Prasad
  • Answer 2: Shah Jahan
  • Answer 3: Kolkata
  • Answer 4: Vasco da Gama
  • Answer 5: Chess

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Amazon Weekly Jackpot play and win Quiz question and answers

Question 1: Who was the first president of India?

Answer: Rajendra Prasad

Question 2: Name the Mughal emperor who commissioned the building of the Taj Mahal?

Answer: Shah Jahan

Question 3: Which was the first capital of British India before Delhi?

Answer: Kolkata

Question 4: Who discovered the sea route to India?

Answer: Vasco da Gama

Question 5: Which popular board game was invented in India?

Answer: Chess

How to find Amazon Weekly Jackpot play and win Quiz?

The Amazon Weekly Jackpot Answer-and-win Quiz is now accessible in the Funzone part of the application. This Quiz can be located on the Amazon app by searching for “Funzone.” You will notice two quizzes at the top of this page; select the “Answer and Win” Quiz.