Amid Raising Concern Over Faulty Front Fork, Ola Electric Announces Free Upgrade For Ola S1 And S1 Pro


  • Ola Electric to offer free front fork upgrade for Ola S1 and S1 Pro electric scooters
  • The upgrade will enhance the durability and strength of the electric scooters
  • Users can schedule their upgrade appointments starting from March 22, 2023

Ola Electric has just made a delightful announcement on Twitter that’s sure to excite everyone – they’re giving away free front forks for their Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro electric scooters! Isn’t that just the most generous thing ever? And don’t worry; if you’re concerned about safety, the upgrade will be available at the Ola Experience Centre starting from March 22, 2023. So mark your calendars, folks, and get ready to queue up for your free front forks!

Ola S1 Fork Replacement Program

The EV manufacturer has shared a Twitter post announcing that their Ola S1 series electric scooters will receive a free front fork upgrade. According to the company, this upgrade will take the durability and strength of their scooters to new heights. They’ve even gone so far as to issue an official statement about it, just in case anyone was foolish enough to doubt their engineering prowess.

“As part of our continuous engineering and design improvement process, we have recently upgraded the front fork design to enhance the durability and strength even further. To alleviate any concerns that you or any of our community members might have, we are giving an option to our customers to upgrade to the new front fork,” reads Ola Electric’s Twitter post.

According to the company, customers willing to get the front fork changes under the new replacement program can book an appointment from March 23, 2023, onwards. The replacement is entirely free for the owners, and they can book an appointment from the nearest Ola Experience Centre or Service Centre. In the last 12 months, Ola Electrics has sold more than 2 lakh e-scooters, and now they have to make the replacement for all the sold vehicles.

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Well, well, well, it appears that Ola Electric has finally had an epiphany! Apparently, they’ve come to the realization that unhappy customers aren’t exactly great for business growth. So, they’ve decided to offer free front fork upgrades for their Ola S1 and S1 Pro electric scooters in a desperate attempt to convince users that their products are of the highest quality. How thoughtful of them to finally acknowledge the importance of customer satisfaction!