Andrew “The Fierce” Free Fire character available on May 29th: how to win

Free Fire is finally getting the characters that were first announced last month as part of Garena’s OB27 update. After bringing the Maro character, first announced alongside Xayne as part of OB27 update, with the Falconer Top Up event, we now have Andrew “The Fierce” being introduced as an in-game character. Garena had first detailed Elite Andrew, also called Awakened Andrew, as Andrew “The Fierce” and we finally know when the character will actually be available.

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With Battlegrounds Mobile India, the new name for PUBG Mobile India, now available for pre-registration, Garena has to amp up its works. The developer is not preparing to go out without a fight. The fight comes in the form of new events that bring new characters, pets or other rewards. There are three on-going events right now including the Crystal Cube event, the Falconer Top Up event and the Duplex Cache event announced today. Here is is a look at how to win Andrew “The Fierce” character:

Free Free Andrew “The Fierce” character: how to win

As mentioned above, Free Fire first revealed Andrew “The Fierce” character (or Awakened Andrew) in April and we finally know when it will be available. Andrew “The Fierce” character will become officially available on May 29th, 2021. As part of this upgrade, there will be a total of 15 awakening marks for free to upgrade your character.

The character was one of the anticipated since it is a free-to-play character. With an extremely useful Awaken skill, this is the character you would want to have when it goes live next week. You will be able to unlock Andrew “The Fierce” character from the in-game store by spending gold coins.

Andrew “The Fierce” or Awakened Andrew character: special ability, level upgrades

The biggest draw about Andrew “The Fierce” is his skill, which Garena describes as an ability to armour damage reduction. This ability is part of Wolf Pack and the skill type is passive. “Armor damage reduction boosted by 8 percent. An additional 0.15 damage reduction from every teammate carries this skill,” Garena explains about the character.

The Andrew “The Fierce” character comes with level upgrades ranging from Wolf Pack Level 2 to Wolf Pack Level 6 and each level adds additional 0.15 damage reduction from each teammate who owns this skill. You can combo Andrew with either Wolfrahh or Hayato Awaken for damage reduction or additional armour protection.

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