Android Nougat leak, Night Mode and Double Tap to Wake for Nexus

As the launch of Android Nougat closes in, there are tons of leaks that pop up every day. The latest leak about the new OS showcases some of the features that we can expect from it. According to Android Police, these leaks are from the new Nexus 2016 devices that are awaiting launch.

nexus2cee_Screenshot_20160802-162334 While some features like swiping the fingerprint scanner for notifications have leaked before. Some of the new features spotted are Double Tap to Wake and “Night Light”. These features were first spotted in the beta builds that Google had released for Nexus users. The Night Light mode is effectively a Night Mode that puts a red tint over the display to aid visibility reducing eye strain.This was first available in the Android 7.0 Preview but was removed in further updates. With an appearance in the final build there is a possibility that Night Mode will reach all Nexus devices getting the update. For starters, there is an option to manually set the time to trigger this mode or can also be set to sunrise and sunset times automatically.

Tap to wake Nexus

The other new feature spotted is the “Quick Screen Check” which allows the user to wake the screen up by double tapping on it. Existing Nexus phones like the Nexus 6P and the Nexus 5X have “Ambient Mode” which lights up the screen when the phone is raised. The new mode will work in addition to Ambient mode allowing users to quickly tap the display instead of lifting the phone up. The menu offers a toggle switch and can be disabled if you aren’t too keen to use it.

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