Android Versions Update Report June 2014, By PriceBaba

On: June 23, 2014
Android Version Update 2012

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India has made a huge shift from the era of feature phones to smartphones. The consumers largely have an option to chose smartphones running on 3 popular operating systems — Android, iOS and Windows Phone. In India, Android has seen wider acceptance among the consumers with as much as 90% of the population using the OS. The popularity is mostly because of the low prices and the open nature of the platform. Android is an OS that has been evolving at a rapid pace and phone updates have become a criteria people consider while buying. A phone that has a higher probability of getting an update were preferred by most users.

In a bid to better understand the OS update pattern of Android phones in India, we collected update data of popular devices sold in India (2012 & 2013) and compared it to the Android versions released by Google. There are some interesting revelations we discovered. We gathered Android update information of 12 popularly known devices in India at the time. These phones are from different manufacturers and are in different price ranges, our observations are in this report along with a pictorial view.

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