Anker Roav A0 Dash Cam with Parking Monitor Mode Launched at Rs 5,490

On: July 12, 2019

Anker, a leading name in the accessories industry, is also known for its line-up of impressive and affordable dash cams. The latest in the series from the brand comes in the form of Roav A0 wide-angle dash cam loaded with features. the camera is already available at leading automotive accessories retailers including Select Landmark stores, Gadget Retailers and E-Tailers. It can be picked up for Rs 5,490.

The Anker Roav A0 is rugged dash cam with 170-degree wide angle lens

Roav A0 DashCam can be attached to your windscreen and is equipped with a a 170 degree wide-angle lens. The camera starts recording as soon as it’s plugged into the car’s lighter socket. The Roav A0 is capable of recording up to 5 lanes of traffic even at night, thanks to the Night Vision and wide-angle view. The camera connects to your smartphone with the help of the ROAV A0 Dashcam app (available for both Android and iOS) using Wi-Fi. You can manage the setup and advanced features of the camera with the help of companion app instead of reaching out for the camera.

The Anker Roav A0 can be picked from the leading automotive accessories retailers in India for Rs 5,490

Speaking of the advanced features, the Roav A0 has 6 element lens, Wide Dynamic Range image and can record videos in FHD resolution. The company claims that the dash cam is built to withstand extreme heat and cold thus making it reliable for all weather conditions. The Roav A0 also comes baked in with a parking monitor mode, which uses the built-in G Sensor to detect an impact from outside even when your vehicle is parked. The impact triggers automatic recording which should help you track the person/vehicle who hit your car. Out of the box, the dash cam comes with an 8GB microSD card, however, you can increase the storage by using a microSD card up to 128GB.

Roav A0 is already selling across various online and offline retail channels. If you are on a lookout for a budget dash cam with all the features then the Roav A0 is likely to match your requirement.