Apple Apologizes for Slowing Down Old iPhones & Offers a Battery Replacement Discount

On: December 29, 2017

A Geekbench developer recently found out that Apple slows down older iPhones that have weaker batteries. Apple later confirmed about this and clarified that it does so in order to balance the performance and battery life of older iPhones. After the issue started getting a lot of attention and the Cupertino based company being sued over this, it has now released a statement of apology. Moreover, Apple will also offer a battery replacement for iPhone 6 and above phones at a discounted price.

Apple reiterated that it doesn’t slows down older iPhones to drive customer upgrades. Instead, it explained how batteries degrade over time due to various circumstances. The brand also mentioned that this step allows them to prevent unexpected shutdowns that ruins the user experience.

The technology giant has also announced that it will offer battery replacement for out-of-warranty iPhones at a discounted price. Previously the cost for a battery replacement was $79 but now it is down to $29. This discount is valid for iPhone 6 and above devices. The first phase of the discount will start from late January and Apple claims it will be made available worldwide through December 2018. So we can expect Apple authorized stores in India to offer this discount sometime next year.

Update: The battery replacement program is now live in India. Price to replace your old iPhone’s battery in India is now Rs. 2000 plus taxes. Previously, it used to cost Rs. 6000 to get your battery replaced.

To help users be aware of their iPhone’s battery condition, Apple will also provide a feature in iOS 11.3 to monitor the battery’s health. This will let users know if their battery is the reason behind their phone’s slow performance. According to Apple, this software update will be pushed out early next year.

Apple handled the issue really well and seems like it’s taking the right steps to rectify the previous miscommunication. If you have an older iPhone with a slowed down performance, grab this opportunity to replace the battery at a discounted price.

You can read the full statement on the issue by Apple on their official website.

Aditya Mohanty

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