Apple may give TouchID a pass – iPhone 8 to rely on advanced form of facial recognition

As per a report from a known and trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple iPhone 8 may completely give the TouchID a pass. This report has come amidst multiple speculations about why the upcoming offering from the Cupertino based company would have trouble integrating the sensor. Some of these reasons were the lack of a proper supply chain management, shortage in production of OLED panels and even that the technology was just not ready yet.

Apple is known to produce devices with premium design and very high reliability, and if the technology behind the under-the-screen TouchID isn’t completely foolproof, it would make complete sense for the company to eliminate it from the iPhone 8 altogether. In the report by Ming-Chi Kuo, he stated that Apple had left out TouchID from the tenth anniversary iPhone’s list of standout features. This could be a cue that the company may be willing to drop the fingerprint sensor but if the company had managed to integrate the sensor under the screen, it would definitely be something to brag about.

This report should, however, be taken with a pinch of salt as we have recently seen Apple market the TouchID sensor widely across its lineup of products such as the iPhone 7 series, the iPad and even the latest MacBook Pro. The TouchID is the primary biometric authentication sensor for Apple Pay to work and replacing it or eliminating it would make little sense. There have also been rumours suggesting that Apple could integrate the fingerprint sensor in the lock button and this could hold true considering the large power button seen in the renders.


Alternatively, according to several reports doing the rounds, Apple may look at introducing a new biometric technology in the form of facial and retina recognition. This technology would be different from the conventional facial recognition or retina recognition found on devices from the likes of Samsung and LG. This facial recognition will be able to map the user’s face in three-dimension and make accurate retina recognition, all in a very small time duration. The technology will also deploy IR sensors which will enable the device to recognise the user’s face in the dark. Not only that, but the new facial recognition will also be able to accurately recognise a face even when the device is kept on a flat surface like a table. Despite this breakthrough in Facial recognition, it would still be a new feature whereas the TouchID is currently in its second generation.

The new iPhone 8 is expected to launch in the first or second week of September, and delivery dates may be delayed until November or year-end. The launch of the iPhone 8 should put all the rumours to rest and we are looking forward to Apple living up to our expectations. Are you thrilled about the iPhone 8? Do let us know what are your expectations and views about the upcoming phone.