Apple starts testing its foldable iPhone, tipped to release in 2022

Recently, we had reported that Apple could launch its first foldable iPhone in 2022. Now, a new report sheds more light on Apple’s foldable iPhone plan. The previous report had claimed that Apple will likely discontinue the iPad Mini after the launch of its foldable iPhone. Samsung and Huawei are already ahead of Apple with their foldable smartphone offerings in the market. 

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According to China’s Economic Daily, Apple has started sending samples of foldable iPhones to its assembly partner Foxconn for testing purposes. The Cupertino based company has filed a number of patents for its foldable device. 

Apple beings testing folding iPhone for possible 2022 release

Apple folding iPhone

The report by Economic Daily backs up the rumours that Apple has ordered screens from South Korean brand Samsung for its foldable smartphone. The iPhone maker is also evaluating the use of OLED or micro-LED display technology since the choice of screen affects the subsequent manufacturing process. The publication reveals that Apple has asked its partner Foxconn to test the screen as well as the bearings (the actual folding component) of the device.

The later is rumoured to be supplied by multiple manufacturers. The report adds that the folding tests for laptop bearings are about 20,000 to 30,000, however, the tests for mobile phones requires more than 100,000. 

Foxconn will handle the final assembly of the foldable iPhone and it is said to conduct over 100,000 opening and closing tests. Economic Daily states that ‘The industry believes that [since] Hon Hai (Foxconn) has long been the largest iPhone foundry, it should be “no [surprise]” to become the most important assembly plant for Apple’s first folding mobile phone.’ 

Apart from the above information, the publication doesn’t reveal any information on the design and specifications of the foldable iPhone. According to tipster Jon Prosser, the foldable iPhone could come with two separate display panels like the Microsoft Surface Duo. It will feature rounded, stainless steel edges like the iPhone 11 and won’t feature a notch. The device is rumoured to be priced at $1,499 (~Rs 1,11,400).


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