Apple patent hints at all-in-one iMac with integrated display, keyboard, and touchpad

On: January 28, 2020

Apple could be working on a new all-in-one computer with an integrated display and keyboard in a single curved glass sheet. A new patent filed by Apple has been spotted online giving us a glimpse at a possible future iMac model. The patent application filed in May last year was first spotted by Patently Apple, showing an iMac like device with an input area and display built into a single surface. It hints at a support structure at the back of the display for the CPU and connectivity ports. 

Going by the patent images, the company could integrate a computer, display, keyboard and a touchpad built into the glass itself. There’s a wedge that acts as a stand behind the display. It could house necessary hardware components or even the computer’s power supply. The application also suggests that the lower portion could be folded up when not in use. Along with an all-in-one design, the patent application image also hints at the possibility of docking a MacBook laptop. The MacBook’s keyboard can be simply slotted through the gap at the bottom of iMac glass. This means that users can use the laptop’s keyboard while it syncs with the main desktop machine. 

Apple is calling this radical design as ‘Electronic Design with Glass Housing Member’. This is just a patent application and it’s unknown if the product will ever see the light of day. The iMac has remained unchanged for over a decade now. So it’s likely that Apple could revamp the iMac in the near future. 

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