Apple iOS 13 Leaked Screenshots Reveal Dark Mode and new screenshot interface

On: May 29, 2019

Apple is all set to unveil iOS 13 and new versions of its operating systems for different platforms at the upcoming WWDC. Close on the heels of the event, screenshots from iOS 13 are floating on the web. As expected these screenshots give us a sneak peek in terms of what to expect from the brand’s forthcoming OS for iPhones and iPads.

The leaked iOS 13 screenshots reveal new controls for the Dark Mode. It looks like the Dark Mode can be enabled from the Settings menu and also by pulling up the Control Center from the bottom. It is also worth noting that the changes introduced by the Dark Mode are minimal on the Home Screen. The only thing that changes is the colour of the dock background. In all likelihood, Apple might offer new wallpapers that compliment the Dark Theme.

The Dark Mode also brings about a considerable change in the way certain apps look. For instance, on the Music app, Apple is using a true black background. This is especially beneficial for OLED displays since they don’t have to use power to light up the black pixels. In other words, the new interface might actually help improve battery life.

Apple has also worked on the user interface for the screenshots. The size of the markup tool has increased and the background now shows a blurry version of the user’s wallpaper. On iPad, the interface now features a rounded tray that can be dragged and dropped across the screen. That apart, the Reminders app is also getting a major design overhaul.

The Find My Friends app has also been revamped. Apple likes to call the new version of the app “Find My”. The updated app shows off a big map on the screen alongside a much smaller window that shows your friends. 


Apple is scheduled to pull the wraps from iOS 13 next Monday, so we won’t have to wait for long to all the changes it’ll bring.